Hereford and Borders Winter League Race 4 – Croft – Ladies results

Race Results Winter league

Thanks to Readysetgo timing for the results- team results can be found on their website –readysetgo

Overall positionRunnerClubTimeAge Category
13Anne KenchingtonMalvern Buzzards Running Club37:52Senior Female
37Donna MorrisBuilth & District41:57Vet 35 Female
49Ffion PriceMaldwyn Harriers43:58Senior Female
50Laura LelievreMonross Trailblazers44:10Senior Female
56Kelly BowenCroft Ambrey RC44:53Vet 35 Female
68Joanne ReesBuilth & District45:52Vet 45 Female
77Kate JonesBuilth & District46:42Senior Female
82Sophie CookBuilth & District47:25Vet 40 Female
88Emily HarrisonSpirit of Monmouth48:30Vet 35 Female
89Eleanor GriffithsHay Hotfooters48:31Senior Female
90Annabel HarfordBrecon Athletic Club48:38Vet 55 Female
91Ali WebbMalvern Buzzards Running Club48:47Vet 50 Female
95Lucy JarvisHereford Couriers RC48:58Senior Female
102Lisa BoucherBuilth & District50:03Vet 35 Female
104Amelia LouthWye Valley Runners50:13Senior Female
105Jane HorlerBrecon Athletic Club50:14Vet 50 Female
106Jess SullivanHereford Couriers RC50:23Vet 35 Female
107Vicky RobertsSpirit of Monmouth50:24Senior Female
109Margaret KenchingtonMalvern Buzzards Running Club50:38Vet 65 Female
111Faye LewisHereford Couriers RC51:02Vet 40 Female
112Emma JonesCroft Ambrey RC51:04Vet 45 Female
113Amy SmithHereford Couriers RC51:11Vet 35 Female
118Kate GreenWye Valley Runners51:36Vet 55 Female
119Laura PerrattLudlow Runners51:39Senior Female
121Becki AnsfieldWye Valley Runners51:58Vet 45 Female
123Steph UptonMalvern Buzzards Running Club52:04Vet 55 Female
127Isabelle RobinsonBuilth & District52:09Senior Female
129Sarah AskeyHereford Couriers RC52:29Vet 55 Female
130Christina Pinto-PearsonHereford Couriers RC52:39Vet 40 Female
133Sharon CollinsHay Hotfooters52:53Vet 55 Female
135Jo TilbyCroft Ambrey RC53:00Vet 40 Female
137Steph MainCroft Ambrey RC53:05Vet 50 Female
138Emma StewardsonLudlow Runners53:08Vet 45 Female
140Lorna ShawWye Valley Runners53:14Vet 60 Female
141Gunvor TroelsenBuilth & District53:15Vet 55 Female
145Lynne ComptonWye Valley Runners53:39Vet 55 Female
148Catherine BradleyMaldwyn Harriers53:42Vet 40 Female
153Abi KnightHereford Couriers RC54:11Senior Female
154Suzanne RowlandsMaldwyn Harriers54:25Vet 45 Female
156Barbara GawlakMalvern Buzzards Running Club54:41Vet 35 Female
161Sophie WilliamsMonross Trailblazers55:03Vet 35 Female
162Susannah KirkLedbury Harriers55:11Vet 45 Female
163Abbie DaviesBuilth & District55:14Senior Female
167Helen OwenMaldwyn Harriers55:35Vet 50 Female
168Kimberley PickettHereford Couriers RC55:42Vet 35 Female
169Mia DaviesCroft Ambrey RC55:42Senior Female
170Bronwyn PreeceCroft Ambrey RC55:47Senior Female
173Suzanne PowellCroft Ambrey RC56:25Vet 60 Female
174Tricia HirstMaldwyn Harriers56:32Vet 65 Female
175Sarah EdwardsLudlow Runners56:37Vet 50 Female
176Kate PlattHay Hotfooters56:45Vet 45 Female
177Caroline KerrLedbury Harriers56:47Vet 55 Female
182Deanna MammattHereford Triathlon Club57:26Vet 45 Female
183Bethan CurryBuilth & District57:27Senior Female
184Rachel WilliamsMaldwyn Harriers57:29Vet 50 Female
189Helen MilnerLedbury Harriers58:13Vet 50 Female
190Julie CaseleyMalvern Buzzards Running Club58:19Vet 60 Female
191Jo EllisWye Valley Runners58:22Vet 40 Female
192Joyce WarburtonHereford Triathlon Club58:28Vet 50 Female
193Lizzie GortonLudlow Runners58:32Senior Female
194Rachel WoodMaldwyn Harriers58:36Vet 35 Female
196Nicola TylerHereford Couriers RC59:19Vet 50 Female
197Liv MosesCroft Ambrey RC59:28Senior Female
198Flora GunnerCroft Ambrey RC59:29Vet 55 Female
200Bronwen Tyler-JonesHereford Couriers RC59:34Vet 50 Female
202Nicola KellyBuilth & District59:51Vet 50 Female
203Charlotte GodsallHereford Triathlon Club59:58Vet 45 Female
204Liz Davies-WardHereford Triathlon Club1:00:23Vet 60 Female
205Bryony DeanHereford Couriers RC1:00:35Vet 45 Female
206Steph KingCroft Ambrey RC1:00:44Vet 55 Female
208Jill HillmanMaldwyn Harriers1:01:02Vet 65 Female
210Emily DaviesWye Valley Runners1:01:36Vet 40 Female
212Sue HackettHay Hotfooters1:02:04Vet 60 Female
213Rachel BannisterLedbury Harriers1:02:06Vet 45 Female
214Nikki DohertyCroft Ambrey RC1:02:24Vet 35 Female
215Nikki FergussonCroft Ambrey RC1:02:24Senior Female
216Tina HarrisonBuilth & District1:02:39Vet 55 Female
218Eva LewisLudlow Runners1:03:44Vet 35 Female
220Stella DisneyLudlow Runners1:03:52Vet 55 Female
222Tina LavelleHay Hotfooters1:05:01Vet 65 Female
223Sue RichardsHay Hotfooters1:05:04Vet 65 Female
224Robyn HallMalvern Buzzards Running Club1:05:14Senior Female
225Sarah CuddyMalvern Buzzards Running Club1:05:25Vet 45 Female
226Clare PreeceCroft Ambrey RC1:06:02Vet 50 Female
230Sarah CogginsLedbury Harriers1:11:19Vet 60 Female
231Hayley MillichapCroft Ambrey RC1:12:32Vet 50 Female
232Caroline OrrellsMaldwyn Harriers1:15:40Vet 65 Female
234Heidi LythHereford Couriers RC1:36:12Vet 50 Female
235Gemma DaviesCroft Ambrey RC1:36:13Vet 40 Female
239Darcey ClarkeHereford and County Athletics32:54Female Under 17

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