2024-2025 Club Championship Series

Results after Race 1.

Race 1
Eastnor 7
Jasper Robinson99.90612:51:09 99.90
Simon Norwood98.05712:52:07 98.05
Steve Partridge91.01912:56:09 91.01
Neil Powell89.811012:56:5489.81
Stuart Austin85.02191:00:0685.02
Paul Parker81.41291:02:4681.41
Joanne Tilby81.07301:03:0281.07
Neil Taylor76.90481:06:2776.90
Liza Austin76.69501:06:3876.69
Joseph Lynch76.12521:07:0876.12
Bronwyn Preece75.02561:08:0775.02
Samantha Harper71.69641:11:1771.69
Ashley Robinson64.78811:18:5364.78
Stephanie King64.45831:19:1764.45
Roland Preece63.40851:20:3663.40
Anna Bromley62.52921:21:4462.52
Hayley Colebatch62.33931:21:5962.33
Mike Hayward59.701001:25:3659.70
Alison Davies59.201021:26:1959.20
Lisa Gray55.181091:32:3655.18
Claire Verran54.731101:33:2254.73
Tom Davies53.281111:35:5553.28

Club Championship Rules.

The club championship series comprises 12 events, roughly 1 per month from March 2024-February 2025.

These comprise of 4 road races (1 long, 1 short), 4 trail races (including 1 long, 1 short), 2 cross country and 2 races.

If a runner runs in more than 6 races only their best 6 scores will count.

Points will be awarded for each race based on the percentage of the race that each runner would have completed in the average time taken by the top 10 finishers. This will be calculated as (A/R)*100, where A is the average time of the top 10 and R is the individual runners finishing time.

Prizes will be awarded in the age categories FSen, F35, F45, F55, F65, MSen, M40, M50, M60 and M70

A runner’s age category will be based on their age on the first race of the championship.

All runners must be fully paid up members at the time of their first counting race.