Herefordshire and Borders Winter League – Race 4 Croft Castle – Mens results.

Race Results Winter league

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Overall PositionNameClubGun TimeAge Cat
1Oliver PerrattLudlow Runners34:30Senior Male
2Aidan YappCroft Ambrey RC34:45Male Under 20
3Mark LamonbyCroft Ambrey RC35:30Senior Male
4Eric ApperleyCroft Ambrey RC36:01Senior Male
5Wyndham TurnerBuilth & District36:02Senior Male
6Matt YappCroft Ambrey RC36:22Senior Male
7Gareth LeekCroft Ambrey RC36:31Senior Male
8Robin WoodsBuilth & District36:37Vet 45 Male
9Ryan KnightHereford Couriers RC36:40Senior Male
10Luke GrayMonross Trailblazers37:05Vet 35 Male
11Sam JusonCroft Ambrey RC37:10Senior Male
12Matt JamesHereford Couriers RC37:27Vet 35 Male
14Adam WilsonMalvern Buzzards Running Club37:59Vet 50 Male
15Jasper RobinsonCroft Ambrey RC38:14Senior Male
16Ross CameronHereford Couriers RC38:16Senior Male
17Philip MorrisBuilth & District38:24Vet 40 Male
18Andy FisherHereford Triathlon Club38:38Vet 50 Male
19Will MorrisHereford Couriers RC38:47Senior Male
20David BannisterLedbury Harriers38:56Vet 45 Male
21Richard WalshMalvern Buzzards Running Club39:08Vet 35 Male
22Gavin JonesMonross Trailblazers39:15Senior Male
23Keith EvansMalvern Buzzards Running Club39:20Vet 50 Male
24Michael HollowayBrecon Athletic Club39:32Vet 35 Male
25Neil WarneMalvern Buzzards Running Club39:56Vet 40 Male
26Lee PriceBuilth & District40:03Vet 45 Male
27Harry WoodhouseHereford Couriers RC40:05Senior Male
28Andrew TylerHereford Couriers RC40:06Vet 50 Male
29Alex LoganLudlow Runners40:09Vet 40 Male
30Ryan LawrenceHereford Couriers RC40:21Senior Male
31Richard WilliamsWye Valley Runners40:40Vet 35 Male
32Christian DowleMalvern Buzzards Running Club41:31Vet 50 Male
33Phill GriffithsMalvern Buzzards Running Club41:32Vet 35 Male
34Simon NorwoodCroft Ambrey RC41:34Vet 50 Male
35Ben SkinnerHereford Couriers RC41:39Vet 35 Male
36Andy KenchingtonMalvern Buzzards Running Club41:47Vet 55 Male
38Jeremy JehanWye Valley Runners42:12Vet 50 Male
39Paul DolphinMalvern Buzzards Running Club42:28Vet 35 Male
40Matthew SullivanBuilth & District42:30Senior Male
41Martin LloydHereford Couriers RC42:43Vet 40 Male
42Sam BurnageMalvern Buzzards Running Club42:44Vet 45 Male
43Neil GrinnellLedbury Harriers43:03Vet 45 Male
44Chris BurtonBuilth & District43:13Vet 35 Male
45Garry JonesMaldwyn Harriers43:33Vet 50 Male
46Barney GoodrichBrecon Athletic Club43:33Vet 45 Male
47Jon PhillipsHereford Couriers RC43:41Vet 35 Male
48Andy TaylorHereford Triathlon Club43:51Vet 50 Male
51Josh PriceBuilth & District44:14Senior Male
52Grant WhiteMonross Trailblazers44:18Senior Male
53Stafford ReesBuilth & District44:35Vet 50 Male
54Nigel TaylorCroft Ambrey RC44:47Vet 55 Male
55Rhys DaviesBuilth & District44:50Senior Male
57Luke WilliamsHereford Couriers RC45:05Vet 40 Male
58Conrad LawsonHereford Triathlon Club45:08Vet 45 Male
59Niall ConsidineWye Valley Runners45:16Senior Male
60Martin CarterHereford Couriers RC45:24Vet 55 Male
61Chris SmartHereford Couriers RC45:31Vet 55 Male
62Richard BullassBuilth & District45:33Senior Male
63Jonathan GledhillHereford Couriers RC45:34Vet 40 Male
64Michael StrangeForest of Dean AC45:38Vet 65 Male
65Neil PowellCroft Ambrey RC45:38Vet 50 Male
66Andrew StephensMonross Trailblazers45:40Vet 45 Male
67Rob KerrLedbury Harriers45:50Vet 65 Male
69Edward DaviesMaldwyn Harriers45:53Vet 65 Male
70Mark WarrenLudlow Runners45:59Vet 60 Male
71David KlotzWye Valley Runners46:01Vet 40 Male
72Rob PotterMonross Trailblazers46:12Vet 45 Male
73Douglas GlasgowPresteigne Pacers46:17Senior Male
74Greg JonesCroft Ambrey RC46:26Vet 50 Male
75Dai HarrisBuilth & District46:30Vet 35 Male
76Richie RichardsHereford Couriers RC46:34Vet 55 Male
78Peter FlynnWye Valley Runners46:55Vet 50 Male
79Mark DunnWye Valley Runners46:59Vet 55 Male
80Mat StylesSpirit of Monmouth47:04Senior Male
81Paul MammattHereford Triathlon Club47:10Vet 50 Male
83Stephen GoodridgeHay Hotfooters47:32Vet 60 Male
84Chris LawLedbury Harriers47:40Vet 55 Male
85Jonathan DaveyHereford Couriers RC47:46Vet 55 Male
86Andy CrawshawLedbury Harriers48:06Vet 55 Male
87Steve MeshamPresteigne Pacers48:19Vet 50 Male
92Evan Price DaviesBrecon Athletic Club48:56Senior Male
93James JonesBuilth & District48:56Senior Male
94Tim JonesCroft Ambrey RC48:58Vet 55 Male
96Gareth WoodBuilth & District48:59Senior Male
97Martin WoodheadMonross Trailblazers49:02Vet 60 Male
98Chris AshleyLudlow Runners49:20Senior Male
99George ThomasCroft Ambrey RC49:47Senior Male
100Robert GilliganWye Valley Runners49:51Vet 55 Male
101Mark RobertsBrecon Athletic Club49:54Vet 60 Male
103Jay DawsonMalvern Buzzards Running Club50:10Vet 35 Male
108Daniel BrazierCroft Ambrey RC50:34Senior Male
110Ali HardawayBuilth & District50:43Vet 55 Male
114Rob FrancisMaldwyn Harriers51:15Vet 45 Male
115Tym MusgroveLedbury Harriers51:19Vet 55 Male
116Neil TaylorCroft Ambrey RC51:24Vet 65 Male
117Dave MillichapCroft Ambrey RC51:29Vet 50 Male
120Mick CollinsHay Hotfooters51:44Vet 55 Male
122Michael ThurgoodMonross Trailblazers52:03Vet 50 Male
124Christian MasonHereford Triathlon Club52:06Vet 35 Male
125Tim FarndonHereford Triathlon Club52:07Vet 45 Male
126Barry GriffithsBrecon Athletic Club52:08Vet 55 Male
128Ed HoganLedbury Harriers52:26Vet 40 Male
131David WilliamsHereford Couriers RC52:44Vet 60 Male
132Rob StephensBrecon Athletic Club52:48Vet 45 Male
134Adam GrayMonross Trailblazers52:58Vet 35 Male
136Ashley RobinsonCroft Ambrey RC53:03Vet 70 Male
139David SutherlandBuilth & District53:14Vet 65 Male
142Steve HeringtonHereford Couriers RC53:15Vet 70 Male
143Raymond DaviesBuilth & District53:28Vet 40 Male
144Kevin DunsterHay Hotfooters53:35Vet 60 Male
146Jeremy CreaseySpirit of Monmouth53:40Vet 55 Male
147Ifan JonesMaldwyn Harriers53:42Vet 55 Male
149Phil JohnsonLedbury Harriers53:53Vet 50 Male
150Howard VerranCroft Ambrey RC54:00Vet 45 Male
151Martin GreenMaldwyn Harriers54:07Vet 65 Male
152Stephen VaughanHereford Triathlon Club54:11Vet 50 Male
155Richard EvansWye Valley Runners54:40Vet 45 Male
157Guy JenkinsHereford Couriers RC54:41Vet 60 Male
158Craig CollierLudlow Runners54:54Vet 35 Male
159Shaun BryanHereford Triathlon Club54:57Vet 50 Male
160Wesley OgdenMalvern Buzzards Running Club54:58Vet 55 Male
164Oliver Cameron SwanCroft Ambrey RC55:15Vet 45 Male
165Andrew JonesBuilth & District55:23Vet 55 Male
166Clive RichardsonLudlow Runners55:32Vet 65 Male
171Mark HookinsHereford Couriers RC55:54Vet 55 Male
172Greg NichollsHereford Couriers RC56:18Vet 40 Male
178Temi OdurindeWye Valley Runners56:49Vet 60 Male
179Phill HarrisBuilth & District57:17Vet 40 Male
180Ed CollinsHereford Triathlon Club57:19Vet 55 Male
181Ben JamesHereford Couriers RC57:25Vet 35 Male
185Kevin BarnesHereford Couriers RC57:38Vet 55 Male
186Alexander BrownBuilth & District57:52Vet 55 Male
187Andy HillisSpirit of Monmouth58:05Vet 55 Male
188Gareth MorrisBuilth & District58:08Vet 55 Male
195Brian MorganHereford and County Athletics59:10Vet 50 Male
199Mike ShawHereford Triathlon Club59:30Vet 70 Male
201Gary GunnerCroft Ambrey RC59:41Vet 75 Male
207Ian PhillipsLedbury Harriers1:00:50Vet 50 Male
209Robert MartinCroft Ambrey RC1:01:22Vet 60 Male
211Huw WilliamsCroft Ambrey RC1:01:56Vet 60 Male
217Keith HelliwellBuilth & District1:02:57Vet 45 Male
219Simon OliverWye Valley Runners1:03:52Vet 55 Male
221Nicholas YoungLudlow Runners1:04:50Vet 65 Male
227Nicholas TylerLedbury Harriers1:06:22Vet 45 Male
228Mike HaywoodCroft Ambrey RC1:07:38Vet 60 Male
229Brian SymondsWye Valley Runners1:10:22Vet 80 Male
233John NoonanHereford Couriers RC1:18:51Vet 60 Male
236Louis AnsfieldHereford and County Athletics26:41Male Under 17
237Owen Price DaviesBrecon Athletic Club29:15Male Under 17
238Joseph LeahyHereford and County Athletics29:54Male Under 17
240Callum MorrisBuilth & District35:23Male Under 17

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