Wigmore fitness tests – January 19 2020

Race Results

Beep test

Will Gore12:8
Eric Apperly12:5
Alex Powell11:11
Neil Powell11:1
Robyn Gore9:8
Rob Wood8:9
Sam Harper7:1
Tom Powell7:0
Steph King7.0
Tory Dickinson6:3

Cooper 12 minute Test

This involved running the best distance for 12 minutes. One lap was 0.93 km, 0.58miles

Next time I think I will put out posts every 100m from the start line, to give a more accurate idea of your distances, but in the meantime I have plotted finishing positions on an aerial photo – so hopefully you will remember where you got to!

Robyn Gore – 2 laps then 3rd way along football pitch

Scott Hardie –  2 laps (1.86km) then in line with 2nd baseball hoop along football pitch (1.56 miles)

(Sorry Robyn and Scott, I think I may have got you the wrong way round on picture)

Adam Gray – 2 laps to far corner of Kings Meadow

Rob Wood 2 laps to transformer

Theresa Jones 2 laps to corner by primary school

Sue Powell and Lisa Gray 2 laps – halfway along first portakabin

Sue Wood 2 laps, half way between sports hall and next building.



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