Site User Guide

The Croft Ambrey Website is run by members for members. Hopefully it will be an interactive site and we will never know how we managed without it! Below are a few little pointers on how to get started. If anyone has any ideas on how to make things even better then email Guy ([email protected]) or fill in the contact us form on the site.


The comment boxes are for anyone to use – users of facebook should be familiar with it. You can give feedback or encouragement to news items or let everyone know if you are going to a particular race using the race calendar. Because of the amount of Spam bots trawling the internet adding their own comments (usually selling something like Viagra), a first comment by a new user is held for moderation but once approved all future comments by that user appear instantly.

Creating an account

By creating an account in the members area and signing in, you will not need to enter your details each time you leave a comment and you can use the social features of the site including friends chat and messaging. Once you have created an account you will see a bar at the top of the page where it says ‘Howdy’. By clicking on this and moving to ‘profile’ at the bottom of the drop down menu, you are able to ‘change avatar’ and add a photo of yourself.


On most pages of the site there is an option to get club news via email. By entering your email address and subscribing, you will receive an instant notification and short snippet of any newly published news with a link to the full article – meaning you will never miss a post again!

Your news

If you want an article published on the site, click on the ‘send us your news’ link from the members  menu at the top of the site. You can then fill in the form, putting what you want in the news letter directly on the form or attaching a file if you have written it in a word processing program (e.g Microsoft Word). You can also attach photos in the same way. This can then be published on the site whenever Guy or I am next on the internet. You can of course continue to email Guy as you have done in the past, or email [email protected].

If you have a lot of photos which you think would be better posted on the gallery section of the site, then please email me, ([email protected]) telling me the event the photos relate to and I will send you details of what you need to do.

Downloading photos

If you want to download a photo from the gallery then click on the photo in the gallery that you want. This gives the file name at the bottom of the picture usually of the form IMG_1234.JPG click on this name. This will then open Mike Blenkinsop’s Gallery. In the top left hand corner, just above the photo there is the option to download. Click on this and follow the options. If when you click on the picture the file name does not come up, it is most likely that all the pictures are not fully loaded. Just close the photo, go back to the main photo gallery page, wait a few moments and then try again.

Results – Sorting, printing and downloading

At the top of any published results table there is a link to a full screen version. Going full screen allows you to sort the results by category. By clicking on the arrow above the club column, you can view the results of individual clubs. By clicking on the arrow above the category you can view the results of each age group. From this full screen version you can also download or print a copy of the data by clicking ‘Go to spreadsheet view’ and selecting  download or print from the file menu.