Club Rules

Download the proposed Constitution here: Croft_Constitution_June_2022


  1. This club shall be called Croft Ambrey Running Club and its object is to promote running and to provide opportunities to train and compete.
  2. The club colours are sky blue top with a swallow motif, and dark shorts.
  3. Club members must be 13 years old or over (please see club safeguarding policy below).
  4. The subscription for ordinary members is decided annually at the AGM and is payable from the time a membership application form is submitted. Members joining after January 1st, but before April 1st, are liable during that period only for that part of the subscription which is payable to UKA, or other such body.
  5. The year shall date from the AGM, when annual subscriptions become due.
  6. The committee shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is 6 months in arrears, providing a month’s notice in writing or by e-mail shall have been sent to such a member to his/her last known address informing him/her of the proposed action of the committee.
  7. Members should distinctly understand that in completing membership forms they bind themselves to abide by the rules of the club and if the conduct of any member be inconsistent with the character and interests of the club, the committee shall have the power to expel such members. The expelled member shall at once cease to have any interest in the club, or its funds, and shall not be elected by any future vote.
  8. If any member wishes to retire from the club, (s)he shall give notice in writing to the membership secretary. Every member so giving notice thereby forfeits all interest in the club funds and property thereof.
  9. Each ordinary member will be made aware of the club rules when (s)he joins; these rules will be posted on the club website.
  10. The general management of the club is vested in a committee consisting of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, together with at least two other members elected to the committee.
  11. The committee shall meet as often as may be deemed necessary.
  12. Members are reminded that they must not represent the club in unauthorised races, either as individuals or in a team.
  13. The committee shall have power to establish sections, such sections to be under the control of the managing body of the club.
  14. An Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of April each year to receive from the Hon Secretary and the Hon Treasurer the Report and Statement of the club accounts, to pass the same and to elect a President, and other officials for the ensuing year.
  15. The club shall not be dissolved except by a resolution passed by two thirds of its members.
  16. Any change of contact details should be forwarded to the membership secretary, and the member must ensure that they are amended on the UKA website.
  17. None of the foregoing rules shall be altered without the consent of a two thirds majority of the club members attending and entitled to vote at a General Meeting, and that a month’s notice of any proposed alteration be given in writing to the secretary, who will bring it before the committee at their next meeting and, if necessary, the committee shall call a Special General Meeting to consider the proposed alteration.
  18. All retiring officials are eligible for re-election.
  19. The income and property of the club shall be applied solely to its stated object and no member of the club shall receive payment for his/her services, as a member.
  20. In the event of dissolution any income or property remaining shall be distributed at the discretion of the members.
  21. The committee declines any responsibility for damage, injury or loss sustained by members during club activities, or when representing the club at races.

Club  Juniors, and vulnerable adults

  1. Croft Ambrey Running Club is keen to promote running for all members, and prospective members.
  2. Juniors, aged 13 to 17, must be accompanied by a responsible adult unless attending a dedicated junior training session.
  3. In order to do our best for Juniors there need to be extra measures in place to ensure their training is carried out safely within the club. Not all training sessions will be suitable for all Juniors.
  4. Juniors not accompanied by their responsible adult will unfortunately not be allowed to participate in senior training sessions.
  5. Club members will be reminded of their, and the club’s, duty of care and protection to all, and particularly towards juniors and vulnerable adults, at all times during club activities.
  6. The Croft Ambrey Safeguarding Policy is available to download here: croft safeguarding policy
  7. Please see also: UKA Welfare policy (2013).

Club Policy with regard to club’s allocated London Marathon places

  1. The existence of club places, and their number, will be circulated to members.
  2. Initial preference will be given to those members who failed to gain a place in the London Marathon ballot (with proof of failure in the ballot).
  3. Should there be more applicants than places, preference will be given to those who have not received a club place in the previous three years, or who have never run the London Marathon before, and who have been paid-up club members for at least 12 months.
  4. If necessary a draw will be held at a Tuesday evening training session, to select those who will receive any remaining club places.