Weekly CARC Update: 26/02/2024-03/03/2024

A busy week for Crofties, with our Sky Blues popping up all over the world. Shall we take a look at what they’ve been up to? On Monday, fresh from their cross-country appearances, our Junior runners were back in action for their training session at Wigmore, with Kelly and Eric putting them through their paces […]

Weekly CARC Update: 19/02/2024-25/02/2024

Happy Sunday Crofties and non-Crofties. I hope you’re ready for your weekly dose of CARC news? You are? Brilliant! It was Junior training at Wigmore on Monday, followed by Seniors on Tuesday and Thursday. This week our seniors focused on hills and long intervals, with the added challenge of the “dreaded” Bleep Test that many […]

Weekly CARC Update: 12/02/2024-18/02/2024

Welcome Crofties and friends for your dose of weekly Croft news. Shall we get started? Our Junior runners kick started the week, as per usual, with their training session at Wigmore School. This was followed by training – Short Intervals and Sprints, for our seniors on Tuesday and Thursday. Parkrun Saturday, as it’s come to […]

Race Reports

Hereford 10 Mile Race Report

It’s crazy when you think about how fast the past year has gone. Last year’s Hereford 10 Mile Race feels only yesterday, but here we are, one year on, ready to go again. On what was a relatively overcast morning, a decent number of Crofties, all in their Sky Blue attire, made it to the […]

Titterstone Clee Hill fell race

Report by Guy Again quite a small turnout for what is a short race (just over 4km) and less climb thanmany fell races, but Croft were well represented with one in 5 wearing sky blue.The summit was clouded in mist, but it had already cleared a bit by 11 0’clock. The routeisn’t marked so Tom […]

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