Titterstone Clee Hill fell race

Race Reports

Report by Guy

Again quite a small turnout for what is a short race (just over 4km) and less climb than
many fell races, but Croft were well represented with one in 5 wearing sky blue.
The summit was clouded in mist, but it had already cleared a bit by 11 0’clock. The route
isn’t marked so Tom and I had been up twice before to recce the hillside, covered as it is
with streams and gullies, and boulders. Even so, I wasn’t sure enough of the route that
most take, so opted for the alternative route to the left, which is possibly a little bit longer
but most of the running is on good surfaces. It was probably a mistake. Within 10 seconds
of the off, my foot had slipped on a boulder in the middle of the stream that runs alongside
the road (it was fine when I went for a warm-up, but probably my shoe was now wet), I
crashed down onto my left side, with feet trailing in the water. My dignity was possibly
saved by there being only one runner just behind me to witness my fall (but I bet the
boulder was tittering!).
I made it up to the top, only to be told by the marshal Gary was just a short distance from
the summit, and he duly overtook me very soon and disappeared to finish a couple of
minutes ahead.
Flora won her age category, as did Gary, with Ireland 2 nd in hers. Pat was the first Croftie to
finish, with Tim a couple of minutes behind. Tom escorted Alison down, by a scenic route
not discovered on our recce runs.

1 st Daniel Connolly – 19.18
13 th Patrick Pearson – 27.30
18 th Tim Jones – 29.34
24 th Ireland Pearson – 31.32
28 th Flora Gunner – 34.03
29 th Gary Gunner – 34.31
32 nd Guy Whitmarsh – 36.30
36 th Tom Davies – 46.15
37 th Alison Davies – 46.24

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