Bryan Markham

In Memoriam

Bryan sadly passed away early in the hours of Thursday 28 March. He was at home with his family after a stay in hospital when it was decided that a heart operation wasn’t possible. He was 83.

His good humour, generosity and sense of fun made him incredibly popular and, in so many ways, he represented the heart and the sole of our club.Bryan was as active and energetic as ever only weeks before he passed. He ran Ludlow Parkrun at the end of January and just four weeks ago made his regular weekly ride to see Mike Blenkinsop.

On Tuesday evening he was able to watch a video message sent from the Croft training session.

I’m sure that, over the coming days and weeks, we’ll all be remembering those special personal memories we have of Bryan. I don’t think there is anyone in the club whose life hasn’t been enriched in some way by those moments we’ve had with him.


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