Ragleth Fell Race

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Report by Guy

As last year, a beautiful evening, with blue skies and surprisingly dry underfoot. Talking before the race, I was saying to Steph she’s got her category prize for the series sewn up, so all she had to do was get round. Ironic!

We were warned at the start about the state of the steep path up, which has been cut through after heavy rains and which would be more of a hazard on the way back down. So we set off, on a steadily rising gradient, till walking was the best option. I first caught up with Gary, and with what little breath I had I assured him this would be my last fell run, ever: (‘shoot me if you see me anywhere near a race up a hill’). Emma was then in my sights and foolishly I moved past her, only to be overtaken in my turn by the veteran of the Lakeland 50. After completing two shortish descents, Emma moved right out of sight. Once in the valley on the other side of the Callow, I made the right decision at the last moment, spotting flattened grass, to leave the rising sheep track and stick closer to the stream. When the next forking of the ways came, I foolishly veered right, away from the stream and then had to find a way back to the stream crossing, where I was berated by Colin Lancaster for losing my way, having run the course more times than he or I care to remember. It was then a hard, steep climb back up to the summit before a pleasant enough run down to the finish. Not hearing the sound of Gary’s footsteps in pursuit I was relatively relaxed over the final stretch on gravelly path.

A number of us were gathered to encourage and applaud other finishing runners. Then we spotted Steph appear over the brow of the slope, 150m away, hotly pursued by Gary and another runner. Under pressure Steph hurtled towards the finish but then caught her foot, diving dramatically headlong before rolling and picking herself up, to great applause and finishing 4 seconds ahead of Gary. Expert first aid was on hand and, cleaned up and bandaged, Steph was able to make it back to her (automatic) car.

Sorry to have missed new member David Sharnock who I didn’t realise was a Croft runner until the results were out. I hope to meet you at a Croft event soon David.


PositionCroft RunnerTime
57 (out of 90) Greg Jones44.18
61David Shanock45.11
64Emma Jones45.35
69 (1st M75)Guy Whitmarsh47.22
76 (1st F55)Steph King51.30
77 (2nd M75) 5Gary Gunner51.34

Thank you to Charlie Leventon for the photos.

Featured photo chosen by Sam H.

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