Fitness Tests – 6 July 2021

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Well done to everyone who took part in the fitness tests.

The Beep test was not ideal as it was on grass which was a bit damp, so prevented a quick turn. We felt we couldn’t go on the tennis courts as people were playing tennis! So it isn’t really fair to compare it to the previous time it was done.

12 minute Cooper Test around the track at Wigmore School – distances not 100% accurate – estimated final lap position and is the lap 400m?

Hopefully we will repeat these tests again later in the year – hopefully on tarmac or indoors for the beep test.

beep test12 min Cooper Test (metres)
Eric Apperly10.73,450
Steve Partridge10.43,060
Kelly Bowen8.72,688
Thea Preece8.1
Roland Preece7.12,654
Emily Yarnold6.12,750
Huw Williams5.52,390
Louise Reeves5.42,200
Steph King4.92,490
Theresa Jones3.12,080
Clare Preece1,800
Bronwyn Preece2,300

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