Bearwood Trail Race 2

Race Reports

A beautiful summer evening for the second in the Bearwood trail series.

Part of the Croft Club handicap and right on our doorstep, means that this was again well supported by Croft runners.

It was welcome news that the wasps had been asked to vacate the route after last time and I really enjoyed this 2 lap 10k course around the farm with some great views and great company.

First runner to cross the finish was Sam J in 36.56 with Eric getting back to form after his injury improving his position from 5th last time to second this week.

It’s great to have Roxy back in the club and she celebrated with her first race for Croft in a long time by finishing first lady in 47.16. Jo Tilby finished third lady in 48.28 and is currently first lady in the series, 11th overall.

Special mention I think should go to Huw. Being chased down during the Chairmans challenge race only a week before obviously has helped his running and he was on fire for the first lap! He may have slowed down a bit for the second, but he managed to knock 4mins 46 seconds of his time – fantastic improvement in only 2 weeks!

Full results can be found on the ReadySetGo website. Croft Results below and thanks to Mike B and Thea for the photos below that.

If you click on the triangle in the menu bar for race 1 position – then it will be in order of finishers for race 1, if you click on the triangle for race 2 position, the order will be right for race 2!

RunnerAge Cat Race 1 positionRace 1TimeRace 2 positionRace 2 (time)
Sam JusonSM0137.03.830136.56.54
Gareth LeekSM0238.09.580440.57.79
Eric ApperleySM0538.24.570238.10.21
Jo TilbyFV4012 (first lady)48.20.431648.28.66
Paul ParkerMV501348.22.971448.08.76
Lucy AustinJF2551.00.29xx
Mark PaviourMV602651.12.572150.09.17
Jo MarriottFV553051.42.412050.05.02
Bronwyn PreeceSF3753.18.43xx
Thea PreeceSF4154.29.59xx
Steph MainFV505457.05.98xx
Liza AustinFV555557.17.634156.03.80
Sam HarperFV456158.46.555158.43.51
Roland Preece6259.12.155058.09.50
Hayley ColebachFV356560.28.63xx
Steph KingFV557162.24.986866.14.47
Huw WilliamsMV607464.54.385761.08.29
Mike HaywardMV607665.29.77xx
Clare Preece7768.48.247369.29.41
Alison DaviesFV357866.06.506766.05.09
Anna BromleyFV407966.44.706665.51.52
Theresa JonesFV558066.44.987469.29.69
Carol PowellFV508169.02.297067.10.82
Steve PartridgeMV40xx0945.52.58
Roxy WoodfieldSFxx12 (first lady)47.16.66
Tori DickinsonFV55xx7267.42.53
Tom DaviesMV70xx8279.40.36

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