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running and life

Age: 21

How did you first get into running?
I’ve always enjoyed cycling; then I thought I’d give running a go last summer – that’s about it really! I like long bike rides. I cycled home from Snowdonia last June when my train was cancelled. It was a Sunday and I had to get back for work. It was 201k and took me 9 hours but I loved it. I’m going up to The Lake District to see my sister next week. and do some long bike rides and runs. Just for the fun off it of course. 

What’s a typical running week for you?
I’ll try to get to club training every Tuesday and Thursday and then get another run in during the week. It’s usually around 15 k; if it’s on the weekend I might make it a bit longer. I’m not obsessed, I just love being outdoors.

What’s in the diary?
Nothing really. Stuff seems to crop up on me too fast. By the time it comes round I think – oh, too late, it’s gone! I think that’s why I like to do my own thing. I did the Summer Cross Country and really enjoyed it – even in the rain!

What’s your Most Memorable Run?
It’s probably running from Tywyn to Barmouth on the coastal path. It was 27k. I did it on my own around Easter time. Coincidently it was the Barmouth 10k that day and I ended up coming into the town with some of the lead runners!

Any injuries you’ve struggled with?
I hurt my back playing rugby so if I do anything strenuous sometimes my back goes but it doesn’t affect me too much if at all when running tho. 

What do you most love about running?
It’s the freedom to see places you wouldn’t see in a car. With cycling you still go at quite a pace so you miss the small things. Yet with running you’re going slower and you can appreciated the views and the wildlife. It’s also easy to just stop for a bit and take it all in.

What do you do for a living?
I’m self-employed and do garden maintenance and tree surgery. I love it – you get to see the difference you make every day. It’s better than being in an office for sure. I studied forestry and horticulture for 2 years and then furniture making for another 2 years. The idea is to start the tree surgery and move to furniture making when I can afford to set it up as a proper business. I want to be able to make furniture from the trees I fell.

Who do you live with?
With mum and dad in Eardisland. My sister is at Uni in Ambleside. I have 3 half-brothers who have all moved out and all love the outdoors to an extent. 

Have you any pets?
A Collie, Ella. She’s 9 years old

Have you any book, film or TV recommendations?
The World of Cycling according to G was brilliant. It’s Gariant Thomas’s behind the scenes stories about professional cycling and winning the 2018 Tour De France.

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