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running and life

Lee Monks


How did you first get into running?

About 5 years ago I decided to give running a go as a way of loosing weight. I was mountain biking a fair bit but that wasn’t helping much. Thankfully running seemed to do the trick. After that I entered a few races and started to challenge myself and really enjoy it.

What’s a typical running week for you?

A long slow run on the weekend (12 plus miles). Two club training sessions or two short, quicker runs on my own.I’ll also usually go out on my road or mountain bike a couple of times in a week including a longish weekend ride (3 + hrs).

What’s your most memorable run?

2021 Worcester Half Marathon. It was during the partial Covid lockdown so everyone was started off in small groups at 30 second intervals. It meant that you were’t held up or boxed in early in the race. I managed to get a PB of 1.38. which I was really happy with. Hopefully I can still go a bit faster!

What’s in the diary?

Shobdon Wood – 15 May 2022.

Offas Dyke – 11 June 2022.

Any injuries you’ve struggled with?

I had a bad allergic reaction to the Covid jab. It’s affected my lungs quite badly and I’ve been admitted into hospital 4 times now because of it. I’m still having tests but it’s going to be a long recovery. 

What do you most love about running?

After my allergic reaction I was housebound for 6 months. It’s made me appreciate just being able to get out and enjoy the countryside. I love my long slow weekend runs for that. Just getting out, running without too much effort and being as fit as I can be (and keeping the weight off!).

What do you do for a living?

I assemble big hedge cutters for Mconnel in Ludlow. I either work a 6am to 2pm shift or 2pm to midnight. The shifts are alternate weeks which, unfortunately, means I can only get to club training every other week.

Who do you live with?

The lovely Nikki Doherty.

Have you any pets?

Two dogs – Mia a Springer Spaniel who’s  14 and Boswel, a Chitzu who’s 16.

What’s your favourite Cornetto flavour? 

Chocolate Chip

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