Bishops Castle 10k

Race Reports

Report by Sam Harper

An unexpected hot and sunny morning for the first of this years Club Handicap series – Running Monks debut race, the Bishops Castle 10k.

It was a very well organised event – we were able to collect race numbers with no fuss, no queue for the loo and after a brief race 88 runners including 26 Croft started the race – an uphill track leading to fields.

Most of race was accross fields and there were friendly marshalls at each point where a possibly wrong turn may have taken place to ensure everyone stayed on route. Mainly gentle slopes up and down on grass and the recent dry weather kept it nice under foot. There was a particularly churned up part through horses paddocks and a dried out track which had to be taken steadily to avoid a turned ankle – but as far as I know there were no injuries and apart from a few styles, a good trial race pace was able to be held.

There were a couple of steep slopes – with a very happy Eric marshalling at the top of the steepest to take a few photos of us at our most struggling point – the top 5 or so runners were able to run up them but I think the rest of us pushed our way up at a more sedate pace.

The route finished downhill on the same track as the start to finish to a friendly cheer from a small crowd – finishing medals and a bottle of beer for everyone!


I am not sure what the running ethos for Running Monk is, but I am guessing at running for all rather than focusing on the fastest finishers as there were no prizes and age group results not shared. Bit of a shame for the club really as Jasper was third home and Kelly first lady. My reading of the results was also that we would also have got male and female teams with Kelly 1, Emma 4 and Jo M 5 and Jasper 3, Sam J 4 and Stuart 8.

Full results on the results page of the website – as it is part of the Club Championship – and below the photos – more photos on the facebook page.

Well done all.

Next Club Championship race – Mick Ligema cup on Tuesday 26 April 7pm Start.

Sam Harper


Race PositionName Age categoryTime
3Jasper RobinsonSM44.02
4Sam JusonSM45.06
8Stuart AustinMV5547.47
10Kelly BowenFV3548.481st female
19Emma JonesFV4553.52
23Jo MarriottFV5055.55
27 Ashley RobinsonMV7056.34
29Roland PreeceMV5557.02
30Thea PreeceSF57.29
32Seph MainFV5059.08
33 Greg JonesMV5059.28
35Sam HarperFV4559.35
38Flora GunnerFV5560.48
41Gary GunnerMV7561.48
43Rob WoodMV6562.48
46Oliver Cameron-SwanMV4565.42
48Louise ReevesFV4566.55
52Lisa GrayFV5059.41
53Sue WoodFV6559.42
68 Tom DaviesMV7073.10
71Hayley MillichapFV5073.52
72Hayley ColebatchFV3575.25
76Theresa JonesFV5079.23
77Bryan MarkhamMV8082.42
81Suzanne FieldFV5088.14
87Alison ApperleyFV5597.32

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