Chedworth Roman Trail

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Report by Huw.

When I was fourteen or fifteen, my English teacher, Mrs Griffiths, made a point of telling her class that we should avoid using the word ‘nice’.  She then wrote a long list of ‘better’ adjectives to use when describing things.

The problem is that, there are times when ‘nice’ is the perfect word. A case in point is the Chedworth 10.

Starting at Chedworth Village Hall, the run ambles across lovely Cotswold countryside. There were gentle up hills and nice, easy to run, down hills . We ran through villages which were so pretty that, whoever built them, must have looked at the picture on a biscuit tin and said ‘we’ll make it look like that’.

Everything was so nice that it was impossible to imagine anything bad ever happening here.

As we waited at the start of the race we met Emma and Greg Jones. Which was nice. The Race Director told us that we would need to cross a river on the run. In the event it turned out to be a nice little stream meandering through a field. 

At the end of the run Cirencester Athletics Club were serving tea and cakes in The Village Hall. The cakes were very nice indeed.

So if you want a really nice 10 mile off road race; I would heartily recommend the Chedworth 10.

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