High Vinnals Hill Climb

Race Reports

Report by Sam Harper.

This Croft event started in August 2019 with Mark Paviour coming up with a challenging 2.4km route with 140m climb for the club.

Back then it was the time of covid restrictions and runners were set of in pairs to help keep the whole event covid safe.

Thank goodness two years have passed and we can now run with a mass start but this did leave the committee with a bit dilemma of how to time an event when the person with the stopwatch at the end point not being able to see or communicate with someone at the start (no phone signal and only very weak walkie-talkies).

We thought we had this cracked with Eric setting off at 6.45, meeting Tori at the finish line, where he would time the rest who were starting at 7.

Things didn’t quite go to plan in that I didn’t make it to the start point by 6.45 and Eric had already set off, without synchronizing any watches.

This led to a bit of a fraught start and a request from those who could to self time their runs to compare with Erics watch at the top. In the end it was not an issue as (it seems obvious now) garmin watches are all synchronised anyway, so setting off the pack at 7 worked out perfectly.

33 Croft runners took part in this race – a really challenging but short uphill climb, so that it’s suitable for all club members.

It made sense for Eric to be first off to help Tori on the finish line with the timing but it did mean that the race for the top places was perhaps not quite as it should have been. If Matt, Eric and Aiden had started together this would surely have pushed all three into faster times. This is not to detract from the times of the top three – Matt (9.35), Eric (9.58) and Aiden (10.06) all beating the previous course record of 10.40. Aiden’s time gave him the JM course record.

Other age group course records went to Andrew George (MV45 11.41) PB by 12 seconds, Bryan (MV80 22.47) PB by 57 seconds. Livvie Hayman took the JF record in 14.56, and Sue wood (FV65 18.20). Sue now holds the FV60 and FV65 records!

There were some very impressive improvements over the last couple years of running too:

Personal bests for Thea in 1min.46, Clare Preece 1.27, Bronwyn 1.21, Lisa Gray 60secs, Eric 42secs, Tim Jones 26secs, Liza 16secs, Roland 7secs.

The top 20 male and female times, together with the course age group records can be found on the club records page of the website

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone took any photos on Tuesday evening – too much faffing at the start by me and too much recovery at the end I think! Maybe next time!

1Matt Yapp (SM)9.35New course record!
2Eric Apperley (SM)9.58PB by 42 secs
3Aiden Yapp (JM20)10.06Debut
4Andrew George (MV45)11.41PB by 12 secs
5Dan Brazier (SM)13.21debut
6Greg Jones (MV45)13.44
7Stuart Austin (MV55)13.49
8Thea Preece (SF)13.51PB by 1m46
9Lee Mardell (SM)14.04Debut
10Tim Jones (MV55)14.18PB by 26 secs
11Roland Preece (MV55)14.23PB by 7secs
12Olivia Hayman (JF)14.56Debut
13Emma Jones (FV45)15.01
14Howard Verran (MV45)15.17Debut
15Liza Austin (FV55)15.26PB 16s
16Sam Harper (FV45)15.42Debut
17Bronwyn Preece (SF)15.44PB by 1.21
18Oli Cameron-Swan (MV45)16.01Debut
19Flora Gunner (FV55)16.06Debut
20Gary Gunner (MV75)16.30
21Robert Martin (MV60)16.30Debut
22Lisa Gray (FV50)16.53PB by 60 secs
23Huw Williams (MV60)17.31Debut
24Steph King (FV55)18.11
25Sue Wood (FV65)18.20
26Clare Preece (FV50)18.20PB by 1.27
27Carol Powell (FV50)18.46Debut
28Hayley Colebatch (FV35)19.34Debut
29Theresa Jones (FV50)19.40
30Tom Davies (MV70)19.57
31Frank Luscott (MV65)20.11
32Bryan Markham MV80)22.47PB by 57 secs
33Alison Apperley (FV55)23.26Debut

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