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A race report with a difference!

Tim Jones has vlogged his race report whilst actually taking part in this 100km ultra in the swiss Alps.

So a brief bit of text description, then click the link to watch his video on youtube!

The Swiss Peaks is week long festival of trail running over the mountains of the Swiss Valais region. Based at Le Bouveret on Lake Geneva runners are shuttled out to the start points of 6 different races ranging from 21km to 360km. All the routes come together over their final kilometres to finish on a breakwater that juts out into the lake near the Rhone delta.

Those final common kms on the Saturday were  a glorious running food festival. The aid stations appeared to compete to provide the best food to all the competitors. We were offered raclette, polenta, champignons en croute and fish with rice, if only I had known what was coming I would have taken smaller portions at the early stations!

To fill in a few gaps that I should have explained as I went along.

The ravitos that I frequently refer to are aid or food stations.

I witter on about my ankle quite a bit because I started and finished with an ankle injury but it somehow fixed itself over the middle 70kms.

I really must cut that label off my hat and learn to stop saying ummmmmm 😉

Watch the video here Swiss peaks 100 vlog

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  1. I don’t know how you do it, Tim! The puffing on the video eloquently shows the breathing problems at altitude. Hope the ankle survives!

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