Hereford Couriers 5k race 2

Race Reports

It’s great to see that Hereford Couriers are keen to promote running to all and their 5k series is open to juniors and wheelchair athletes. Keen to take part in any race he can, Scott persuaded Alec to take part and Steph, Sue D and Mark were the other Croft contingents in this second race of the Hereford Couriers 5k.

It was a cool and breezy evening which did result in some slightly slower times for the runners compared to the first race on April 5th, but all of the Croft runners were looking strong as they passed me in the group setting off from Hereford leisure centre, stopping the traffic on the way to the roundabout to turn left onto Roman Road.

This is a fast and furious race and there was not much waiting for spectators before the front runners came back past the leisure centre for a very fast 300m finish around the race track.

Scott was the first Croft runner home in 18.36m (29, 1st U15), sightly down on his previous time but he had been competing earlier in the afternoon in a school athletic meet at Weobley school. Alec, having also ran earlier in the day, was looking very comfortable coming onto the track, then quickly picked up the pace to overtake 6 runners on the race track to finish in 20.36 (53). Steph sprinted around the track pushing all the way to finish in 21.49 (10th lady, 1st FV45). Sue and Mark ran onto the race track together with Sue managing to pull ahead in the last 200m to finish in  22.58 (14th lady)  with Mark a couple of places behind in 23.09 (80).

The final race in the series takes place on the evening of Wednesday June 7th

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