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Race Report by Alice Godding

On Sunday 7th June, CARC members put on their club vests once again and switched on their race mode to take part in the Builth & District Running Club 15-Hour Relay Challenge. We entered three teams into this virtual event with an incredible 37 CARC members taking part; Team A, Team B and Team C. We were competing against 55 other teams from all over the UK, with a total of 1084 runners competing.

Eric Apperley, Tim Jones and Tory Dickinson were the brave, eager runners who volunteered to run the first relay leg at 5am! They were shortly followed by Michael Powell, Roland Preece and myself. I must congratulate Mike who once again took on a 3-hour slot and ran an incredible 20 miles. He didn’t stop there; he continued his run to complete a marathon distance! As the day flew by, we were all glued to the Facebook page to monitor the progress and achievements of our athletes. Kelly Bowen, Sam Juson and Suzanne Field took on the last leg of the relay, finishing their runs at 8pm.

So here are the totals! Team A ran 123.28 miles, placing 12th out of 58, team B ran 103.06 miles placing 39th and team C ran 87.95 miles, placing 51st! This is an amazing achievement, so well done to all who took part!

It is with great sadness that we had to share the news of the loss of one of incredible members David Blenkharn, who passed during the relay event. David was a passionate, keen member of Croft Ambrey RC who always offered to volunteer with his wife Elaine at our local events. We share our condolences with his family at this very difficult time, he will be truly missed by all.

I’d like to thank all the CARC athletes who took part in this fun, semi-competitive event. We are all very lucky to be part of a such a wonderful team, who all support and inspire each other unconditionally. Croft Ambrey Running Club really is a remarkable team to be part of! Bring on the ‘CARC Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Relay’ on Sunday 12th July! x



15-6amEric Apperley7.05
26-7amAlice Godding8.79
37-8amSimon Norwood7.69
48-9amGareth Leek9.58
59-9:30amScott Jones4.99
69:30-11amHannah Fletcher12.8
711-12amJack Wilson8.9
812-1:45pmRoxy Woodfield13.1
91:45-3:45pmKatie Ayres16.11
103:45-5:15pmGrant Womack12.01
115:15-6:30pmWill Gore10.55
126:30-8pmKelly Bowen11.71
TOTAL =123.28
15-6amTim Jones6.76
26-9amMichael Powell20.2
39am-11amLucy Wilding13.42
411-12pmSam Harper6.78
512-1pmNaomi Perkins7.55
61-2pmTheresa Jones6.06
72-3pmSteph Main6.58
83-4pmSimon Baker7.31
94-5pmLouise Reeves5.91
105-6pmJo Marriot7.68
116-7pmThea Preece6.72
127-8pmSam Juson8.09
TOTAL =103.06
15-6amTory Dickinson6.23
26-7amRoland Preece7.36
37-8amSue Powell6.9
48-10amLorraine Guest10.72
510-12pmJohn Jaspers14.11
612-1pmGuy Whitmarsh6.4
71-2pmBronwyn Preece6.32
82-3pmClare Preece5.39
93-4pmLisa Gray6.33
104-5pmGemma Davies5.98
116-7pmJonathan Sanderson7.15
127-8pmSuzanne Field5.06
TOTAL =87.95


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