Muddy Woody

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This race certainly lived up to its name. The heavy rains of last week turned quite a few of the forest tracks into slippery sliding semi-swamps  The temperature hovered just above freezing accompanied by a chill breeze, but fortunately the snow held off until afterwards. Forestry works meant there were some changes to the course from last year, but there were still lots of uphills and downhills and one river crossing. As always, there were plenty of marshals & signs, needed to facilitate the many excursions into the deep dark woods. WRV’s Mervyn Shaw was on duty at a key crossover point, bellowing exhortations & encouragement to those struggling by.

There was a reasonable Croft contingent, Sam M & Sam H, Steph, Kelly and her friend Gemma, Tom D, Jasper & myself. After the race, everyone I spoke to seemed happy with their run. Kelly was one of the leading ladies, nearly forcing her way into the prizes. Jasper won the junior prize, a fine wooden trophy. I won the MV 65 category and had to make do with beer! However, I was delighted that since Fforest Farm I’ve been 1st in 11 consecutive races in my age group, either MV 60 or MV 65.

Overall, the race was again won at a canter by Couriers’ Eliot Taylor, despite him twisting an ankle half way through. His dad Tim had to withdraw before the race with the same injury.

Croft Results :   Sam Mayglothling 6th – 46.38,  Jasper Robinson (1st Junior Male) – 54.40, Ashley Robinson (1st MV 65) – 56.18, Kelly Bowen (61) 58.13, Steph Main (73) 60.53, Sam Harper (100) 64.36, Robyn Gore (101)64.41, Tom Davies (69.23), Gemma Davies (256) 93.53

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  1. Congratulations Ashley. That is testament to your fitness and healthy lifestyle – no wonder I am such an old has-been. In the interests of preserving your sound way of living and maintaining your impressive sequence of age-group victories, I am prepared to make the enormous sacrifice of offering to dispose of the beer that you won – it will be humanely and organically dealt with. I will be meeting up with my old mate Steve Herington at the weekend and I will remind him that he is no longer top dog.

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