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Report by Lucy Wilding first published on Croft Ambrey Running Club Facebook page.
Firstly thank you for your patience whilst waiting for these results. As I am sure you can appreciate, it is a very time consuming task sifting through every screenshot for 24 teams and then waiting for results to be submitted/responses back for any queries I have raised.
Sunday saw 475 runners take part in the Croft Ambrey Running Club Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, virtual elevation relay. In total we managed to climb a staggering 547,423ft of elevation which is just AMAZING! Our combined team totals climbed the following mountains, this many times:
⛰Mount Everest – 18.86 times
⛰Ben Nevis – 124 times
⛰Pen Y Fan – 188 times
3 teams; Builth Barbarians, Hay Hotfooters and Forest Of Dean AC (Team Goats) actually managed to climb/exceed the height of Mount Everest (once) in their respective teams alone, so an extra pat on the back to them, that’s seriously good going, especially on such a warm day like we had Sunday.
The results for the event can be found below, however our top 3 overall are:
🥇1st Overall – Builth Barbarians with a total elevation gain of 36,649.
🥈2nd Overall – Hay Hotfooters with a total elevation gain of 31,489.
🥉3rd Overall – Forest Of Dean AC (Team Goats) with a total elevation gain of 29,369
I have also ran a little formula (average elevation climbed per person/per team) as the team sizes varied quite considerably, and this is to show which teams climbed the most elevation with the least amount of runners, and the results for this are as follows:
🥇1st – Croft Ambrey Running Club (Team 1) with a total of 10 runners.
🥈2nd- Croft Ambrey Running Club (Team 2) with a total of 10 runners.
🥉3rd- Forest Of Dean AC (Team Goats) with a total of 15 runners.
I am aware of several issues reported throughout the day; significant elevation loss being recorded, individuals running for 1 hour but their recording device only recording part of this, individuals intentionally starting earlier as they had double booked themselves with other commitments, others unintentionally starting earlier/later as they got confused what time they were due to start, recording devices failing to record anything! ..the list goes on! I could have gone through these issues 1 by 1, however the elevation loss and technical issues are out of my control and the other issues with people starting earlier/later than there allocated start time doesn’t really effect the overall totals as all ran for the durations they were down to run. I have therefore collated the results based on the screenshots alone and have not penalised anybody for any contraventions of the rules (pretty much every team had an issue of some sort throughout the day)
The whole point of this event was “just for fun” and as long as everybody has enjoyed getting out there, lacing up there shoes and doing their bit for their respective teams, then that is all that matters.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking part in our event, we had 44 sky blue vests out on Sunday and some excellent personal efforts throughout the day 👏💪
..What’s the next event got in store for us i wonder? 🤔
PositionClub/TeamTotal Elevation gain (ft)Number of RunnersAverage (Total team elevation gain/number of runners)1
1Builth - Barbarians36,649281308.89
2Hay Hotfooters31,489281124.61
3Forest of Dean AC - Goats29,369151957.93
4Builth - Team Builth28,952281034
5Builth - Team District28,429281015.32
6Oswestry Olympians - Team 127,41728979.18
7Andali Fitness26,27828938.5
8Ludlow Runners25,814241075.58
9Run4All - Yellow24,626241026.08
10Monross Trailblazers24,585161536.56
11Hereford Couriers23,701211128.62
12Presteigne Pacers23,691161480.69
13Run4All - Blacks23,10524962.71
14Forest of Dean AC - Hillbillies22,663191192.79
15CARC -Team 121,657102165.7
16CARC - Team 221,456102145.6
17CARC - Team 319,345111758.64
18CDF - Team 119,343171137.82
19CDF - Team 219,337151318.21
20Rhayadar RC18,218161138.63
21Oswestry Olympians - Team 218,07827669.55
22Gary Howells Run Club17,806141271.86
23CARC - Team 415,44515118.08

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