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Race Reports

Last year an intrepid Croft Team of ten runners took part in the real Cotswold Way Relay covering almost 103 miles (and 11,600 feet of elevation) of the Cotswold Way in 10 Stages from Chipping Camden to Bath.  100 teams from around the country competed in this well-established Relay race with each runner started their designated Leg of between 7.2 and 12.6 miles exactly on the hour from 6am – 3pm.

This year, Wye Valley Runners proposed running the Legs virtually with each individual runner in a team of 10 running the actual distance of the real CWR Legs wherever, whenever and how high they wanted within the designated time frame.

This was a local event with 11 teams in total (5 Wye Valley Runners, 4 Hereford Tri Club and 2 Croft teams).  There was some overlap in runners with 4 of our CARC runners competing for the Tri Club as we came slightly late to the table (but we forgive them – especially the two who ran so well for our CARC team!).

Perhaps, we were not as competitive as we could have been due to the elevation we all decided to cover, but our Croft Team 1 still came in a very reputable 4th and Team 2 came 7th.  Between our two teams we covered almost 206 miles and over 21,000 feet in 31 and a half hours!  To reward all our climbing, WVR have nominated both teams for their Virtual Elevation prize!  Well done to all who entered and hope you had fun.


CARC Silly Virtual Prizes

Just for fun, I thought we should have our own (silly) virtual prizes to honour those who chose to represent their teams so selflessly.  Nominations/awards have been completely random, biased and unapologetically unprofessional and are not open to appeal!

  • Selfies

Tim Jones:  Wild man of Herefordshire selfie.

Katie B: most lopsided glamorous selfie

Simon B: most intense selfie (with a quiff)

Sam J: cutest dog (non) selfie!


Winner: The dog

  • Measurement Challenges:

John Jasper: Best mid-run conversion in a panic (km to miles)

Hannah J : Remembering designateddistances (tip – write it on your hand like John)

Winner: Hannah


  • Routes taken


Eric A: Crazy climber award

Simon N : Flattest off-road route

Tory : Into a headwind route

Steph King: most random route

Mike P: running a snail route


Winner: Eric Apperley


  • Doubles Award

Alice – Second attempt (for the best club this time!) and a PB!


Kelly – Doubling up – running twice in one day.

Winner: Alice

  • And the rest …

Neil: Substitution award (for pinching his wife’s spot in the event)

Sam, Sue & Liza: Chattiest runners or we ‘are all mates together’award

Toby: Taking it easy award (running with the gang)

Lucy : Self-defence on a run (bravely defending herself against an enormous, fierce Rhodesian ridgeback!)


Winner: Lucy W

Virtual PositionTeamTotal Time (hours)
1WVR Boys12.50.46
2HTC Team Lawson12.57.43
3HTC Team Jones13.50.15
4Croft Team One14.59.53
5WVR Girls15.57.08
6WVR Mixtures16.15.33
7Croft Team Two16.32.07
8HTC Team Taylor16.46.45
9WVR Allsorts16.52.10
10HTC Team Gibbons16.53.57
11WVR Oddments17.30.57
Croft Team 1distance (miles)elevation (feet)time
1Alice Godding11.9103401.31.28
2Katie B11.8149701.44.01
3Toby Austin8.2101701.27.59
4John Jasper12.692701.49.53
5Simon Baker11.762701.42.53
6Simon Norwood8.624801.10.27
7Sam Juson7.24300.55.00
8Kelly Bowen12140101,44,38
9Eric Apperley9.1234801.30.00
10Hannah Fletcher9.746501.14.02
Croft Team 2distance (miles)elevation (ft)time
1Tim Jones11.975701.51.55
2Neil P11.8122301.39.21
3Liza Austin8.2101701.28.00
4Mike Powell12.6155201.48.31
5Lucy W11.7140301.48.38
6Sue Powell8.6103401.30.46
7Tory Dickinson7.282601.21.03
8Jo Marriott12122601.47.48
9Steph King9.199701.34.19
10Sam Harper9.7109201.41.46

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