Thursday training (August 1st) – High Vinnalls


Mark and co. are organising an uphill only run, to the top of High Vinnalls. It’s 2.4km and 140m of ascent.

Park at the High Vinnalls car park (as for the parkrun), and warm up by jogging to the start: follow the main track (south) and instead of turning off right for the ‘dip of doom’ (and as in the Ludlow summer league race), carry on, bearing left downhill to the bottom. The start is from this lowest point and the run climbs up the zig-zags to the highest point on this track, where you will then turn left up the wide stony track to the summit.

First starts (and subsequently every 30 seconds) from 7.10, with slower runners preferably going before the faster runners. Let Mark know if you want to run, since it helps prepare some sort of running order. Open to all, 9 years and up.

You will be timed on arrival at the top, from where it’s a 5 minute jog back down to the car park.

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