London Marathon – Dave Powell


After winning the club place this year, I have been pounding the roads for the past 4 months in preparation for this year’s London Marathon. On the whole training went well apart from not being able cope with as many speed sessions as I would have liked but at least I got some good slow long runs in. I was aiming to beat 3.30 but the warm sunshine that greeted us on Blackheath was a bit of a concern. It only took me 1 minute to cross the start line and I was running at the right pace after the first mile. My only other marathon was in 2000 which I didn’t enjoy too much so I was determined to pace myself better this time. I made sure I took on plenty of water and lucozade and took a gel every 5 miles. There is hardly anywhere on the course without a big crowd cheering the runners on, the noise is constantly in your head , but this year I appreciated it more than I did in 2000. I managed to keep a steady pace throughout and avoided hitting “the wall ” this year. As I got onto the Mall I even managed a sort of sprint finish, although it probably didn’t look much like one! I crossed the line in 3.27.21, 10 minutes faster than 2000 so well chuffed.
A great day, where everything on the run seemed to go right and thanks to the club for the place.

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