Mortimer Forest 10 mile race


Lots of internal debate went on in my head before I decided to run in the Mortimer Forest 10 mile race. I have heard a lot about how tough this race is and had been unable to find any previous results online to compare my running times. But running through the woods is what I like to do, so I decided to give it a go. I travelled to Moor Park with Paul and Ashley, fellow Shobdonites have to stick together and reports suggested that parking may be tight so we allowed plenty of time and got there in good time to register and warm up.

All the Croft runners met up before the start for our team photo – see in the gallery. Neil gave us a pre race chat, letting us know that it was not a race he enjoys and the tough bank fairly near the start has caused a few runners to withdraw in the past but the lack of ice and fairly dry conditions meant we should be ok this year. Gary then made us feel better by saying that it was not one of his favourite races at there were not enough hills!

So 227 of us (11 Croft Ambrey runners) set off uphill from Moor Park, across the road – always makes me feel important when traffic has to be stopped – and into the woods.

I was trying not to set off too fast and to just get round the course in a reasonable time. With so many runners, the start was a little frustrating as along some of the narrower trails it was difficult to get past any slower runners in front. I was particularly frustrated at the long, steep muddy bank which everyone had warned me about. My running training probably wasn’t much help with this but Steve and I go for a bit of a hike one day a week and I am used to climbing up these sorts of banks and could have got up it a lot quicker than the pace I was forced to go, but then maybe I would have used up all my energy and not been able to run so well later on in the race. By the time I got to the 3 smaller, but equally steep banks further on, the runners had thinned out a bit and I was able to go my own pace for the rest of the run.

Lots of ups and downs, not all of them steep, and differing terrains kept this race interesting and I really enjoyed myself. It was well marshalled and even though I have a tendency to get lost from time to time, I don’t think that would have been possible in this race.

I didn’t see many croft runners after the race. Martin, Paul and Ashley all ran well and seemed to enjoy themselves. Mike told me that Mark was a little dissapointed in his time (81.59! – fantastic if you ask me) and that Ben was buzzing and was keen to keep going.

A big thanks to Ludlow runners for organising this race and Lauren for looking after my jumper.

I for one will be running it again in the future, hopefully a little faster next time.

Croft Ambrey runners results and times.


Lamonby Mark Croft Ambrey SM  176



Williams Martin Croft Ambrey MV45  146



Rees Ben Croft Ambrey SM  172



Green Paul Croft Ambrey SM  140



Davies Susan Croft Ambrey FV45  177



Robinson Ashley Croft Ambrey MV60  143



Taylor Neil Croft Ambrey MV55  184



Luscott Frank Croft Ambrey MV55  91



Gunner Gary Croft Ambrey MV65  85



Allan Adrian Croft Ambrey MV45  234



Harper Samantha Croft Ambrey SF  151


Full results on Ludlow Runners website – click on the stag.


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