Corndon Three Peaks – Guy


This was the first time I’ve run this race, though I remember Corndon Hill from 1977 when I finished up there at the end of the South Shrops 6 Peaks run. I’m sure little had changed in 36 years, except me. This year the weather was fine and mild, the previous day’s snow had melted, leaving the terrain rather wet and slippery. We set off up a track which gradually steepened, and then onto the lower slopes of Corndon Hill, at the top we dropped down a bit ( I dropped further than most, putting my foot in a hidden rabbit hole and doing a head over heels)  before going over the next, relatively low summit. There followed a winding, boggy path back to a roadway, which gradually (testing runners’ resolve – at what point do you walk?) climbed until we were within striking distance of the third peak, Lan Fawr. From there it was a downhill clatter (but taking care with the slippery path) to the finish, where I had to fend off a fast finishing competitor, beating him by a longer nose! There was no over 65 category, but I discovered I was the first of the three over 60s. Tom Roo (Mercia) won, in 48.54; my time was a more modest 62.33.

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