Croft Ambrey vs Lucton School at Croft Castle


A perfect morning! Fantastic weather, loads of runners, great turnout from Croft matched by Lucs which included two dogs. Great runs by Dan Barnett and John Utley almost matched by the course record holder Mick Ligema – echoes of yesteryear.

Trophy lost again but Dan accepted a rather dull and battered substitute on behalf of the victorious Croft team.

Tom Davies (B.Sc Open University) is as I write working on a scoring formula which will hopefully take into account the obvious disparities in the two teams – watch this space.

Once again thanks to everyone for either running or supporting this quite special event.

Results: 1) Dan 2) Sam Johnson (Lucton) 3) Jon 4) Mick Ligema 5) Dave G 6) Gary 7) Martin 8) Guy 9) Tom 10) Frank11) Kate W (Croft) 12) Neil 13) Dave R snr 14) Tim W (Croft) 15) Peter Hamilton 16) Ian Johnson (L) 17) Tom Lawley (L) 18) Tim Robinson (C) 19) Howard Verron (C) 20) Jennie Smith (L) 21) Max Dalziel (L) 22) Jemma Wood (C) 23) Rachel 24) Milly Bemand (L) 25) John Smith (L) 26) Paul Thorne (L) 27) Hattie Thorne (L) 28) Gill Thorne (L) 29) Dee Gozener (L) 30) Dave Norman (L) 31) Simon Lyke (L) 32) Alfie [dog] (L) 33) John (Jack?) Russell (L) 34) William Russell (L) 35) Emma Dalziel (L) 36) Rob Dalziel (L) 37) Euan Dalziel (L) 38) Kate Lyke (L) 39) Natasha Dalziel (L) 40) Jennifer Dalziel (L) 41) Bryan M (L). [ Sorry there are no times – something to do with the cold weather affecting the club secretary’s ‘equipment’ – Ed.]


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