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running and life

Name: Frank Luscott

Age: 66

How did you first get into running?

I’ve always had a bit of an affinity for running. I used to enjoy running at school more than the other sports and ran Cross Country at Knighton Secondary School. It was was around 3 miles and we usually got sent around it if it was raining during our PE periods. We moved schools in 1970 when the comprehensive system was introduced. Their Cross Country course went up into Nash woods. That was before the bypass was built.

When I was 12 I was entered into the 440 and 880 yards races on the track at the summer inter-house athletics. It seemed a long distance at the time but I managed to come from the back to finish 3rd in the 880 and finished 2nd in the 440 yards.

Sport was pretty much forgotten about when I left school. All our parents were worried about was us getting a job and earning some money.

When I was in my 30’s I started to go to the gym in Leominster. That’s when I first met Mike Blenkinsop and Mick Ligema who were both exceptional runners at that time, just ask the older Croft members. After a few years Leominster gym went through a major refurbishment and sold most of their training equipment to Wigmore school. It was cheaper to go to Wigmore and closer to my home so I went there regularly. I met Tom Davies there and he amongst others persuaded me to join the club. That was in 2007.

I had always loved watching The London Marathon on television and decided to give it a go. I was fortunate in  getting  two club places for The London Marathon. I also ran one for Victa which is a charity that helps visually impaired children to get involved in and enjoy active sports. My London PB is 4:04.

I was a better half marathon runner than marathon. I got a PB of 1:39when I was 55 at Hereford, just 3 weeks after my second Marathon. I think I’ve probably run around 20 Half Marathons of various types on the road and including two Ron Skilton Half Marathons which are multi terrain runs.

Then 6 years ago I  developed a neurological condition called Cervical Dystonia . It’s like Parkinsons but, fortunately, isn’t degenerative in the same way. It causes chronic pain in my back and neck and you can’t hold your head straight. I didn’t run for rover 3 years after it was diagnosed.

I thought it was time to give up but was putting on weight so decided to re-join Croft and do some training sessions. I slowly started to get back into it but Parkrun is about as much as I can do now. My PB at Ludlow is 24.37set in 2016 when parkruns first came to Ludlow but I struggle to get within 10 minutes of that now. I do the best I can and still love running. There are so many people who can’t run so I feel very grateful that I can.

What’s a typical running week for you?

When I can I’ll come along to the club training sessions. The only race I’ve taken part in recently was Shobdon Wood where Iwas carried over the finish line, that was my absolute limit. The hill at the end went on forever. I thought I would never get to the finish line!

I’ll try and do Parkruns whenever I can. I really enjoy it. If I could get under 30 minutes I would be over the moon. That’s about my limit I think.

What’s in the diary?

I hope to take part in the remaining races in the handicap series. I want to do the uphill time trial too.

Most Memorable Run

My first London Marathon in 2010. I trained as hard as I could. I’ve never been that good at training regimes but I used to run from Yatton over to Whitcliffe and back. It’s nine and a half miles each way so 19 miles in total. It was good training but tough on the body. I ran 4:12 on that first marathon and got a bit better for the next one when I ran it in 4:04

Any injuries you’ve struggled with?

The Cervical Dystonia makes running difficult because it affects the muscles in my back and neck and can be very painful. I just need to get out and do things at my own pace. I can’t do sprint sessions unfortunately. I always end up pulling something. The Parkruns suit me as much as anything.

I’ve always been competitive and try to do the best I can. A couple of weeks ago I was at Ludlow Parkrun and me and a guy in my age group kept passing each other; changing positions. He finished just ahead of me and shook my hand afterwards. I said’ maybe next time ‘? I did some practice runs and beat him by over a minute. Even when you’re not running very quickly there’s always someone you want to beat!

What do you most love about running?

It’s such a good all round physical exercise. I feel much better after a run. I always time myself. I’ve got one of those runners’ watches and I’ve logged pretty much every run since I started.

What do you do for a living?

I should be retired but have my own delivery business.  It wasn’t meant to be a full time job but it’s blossomed and I’ve got a bigger customer base now than ever. I went to Belgium last weekend to pick up some furniture.

I used to work for Herefordshire council repairing the roads but had an accident and fell off the back of a lorry which lead to me being offered early retirement. The delivery business keeps me pretty busy.

Who do you live with?

I live with my wife Lorna and daughter Nicola (27). My daughter Stacy (31) has a son and a daughter. They’re 4 and 2 now and Stacey is expecting another. My middle daughter Kayleigh met her partner Rob through Croft.

Have you any pets?

A Golden Lab called Apollo ,He’s named after a beach close to Melbourne in Australia that we visited when we went out to visit Kayleigh. We’ve also got another dog; Moss. He’s a Collie crossed with a Hunter which is a New Zealand sheep dog. He’s built and runs like a grey hound. I wish I had his speed and energy. I would finish Monstay park run in about 10 minutes!! We got him to keep Apollo company.

The summer holidays have started; can you recommend a good book?

I don’t read books that much. I don’t have time. I’ll often do some paperwork in the evening. When you’re your own boss there is always paperwork. I do like watching music videos on YouTube and short documentaries when I have time.

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  1. Just a couplee of points I forgot to mention, my daughter Stacey is married to Craig and have just had their 6th wedding anniversary, and Kayleigh lived in Australia and did some travelling in other countries with Rob Jones, They are both happily back living in Herefordshire.

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