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running and life

Age: 42

How did you first get into running?

I ran a bit on my own when I joined the Retained Fire Brigade 12 years ago. I used to go out running with one of the lads. I’d just stopped playing rugby and wanted to do something else.

Then, a few years later, some friends said I should give the Eastnor Castle Mud Run a go. I loved it. I was still running mostly on my own at that point – around the roads where we live in Kingsland and over at Croft and Bircher.

Then Lou Reeves (my step sister) persuaded me to give Croft a go. She probably badgered me for 8 or 10 months before I gave in and joined.

My first session was up at Croft Castle. I think I tagged along with Jo Tilby, Lucy Wilding and a couple of others. I really enjoyed it.

I’ve never been into entering lots of things but the training sessions got me thinking about how I could improve. It’s interesting how you can get better by understanding more about running.

What’s a typical running week for you?

I’ll go to either the Tuesday or Thursday training session and run home from Leominster to Kingsland on the other day. It’s about 8k. I also bike to and from work in the summer.

Wednesday night I play squash at Presteigne, then I’ll a run at the weekend – usually around 10k but I’ve been trying to do closer to 10 miles lately.

What’s in the diary?

Winter Cross Country League
March 2023 – Wrexham Half Marathon
April 2023 – How Welsh Dare You Go – you get on the train at Craven Arms and travel as far into Wales as you dare and try and get back to the start within 24 hours. I’m going to do it with Sarah and Ryan. We’ve had a look at the map and think we’ll try for 60 or 70 miles. It will be a bit of a challenge!

What’s your Most Memorable Run?

I got the first the first V40 prize at the Club’s Shobdon Wood Race this year. I wasn’t expecting it at all – so I’m going to choose that one. I was really chuffed.

Any injuries you’ve struggled with?

I’m always running injured – mostly problems with my knees and hip. It’s nothing that’s ever stopped me. It seems to get better the more I train.

What do you most love about running?

I think it’s the social element. I always look forward to the training sessions in the evening. I really loved the Cardiff trip, getting everyone together on the coach. It was a brilliant day.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a workshop controller in Leominster Motors.

I’m also a retained Fire Fighter at Kingsland Fire Station. I’m on call for 80 hours a week. It has to be times when I’m not at work so it’s mostly nights and weekends. Kingsland get between 80 and 100 fire calls a year.

There’s a lot of paperwork and politics but the training you get is amazing and you get to do things you would never be able to do if you weren’t in the fire brigade. I love it.

Who do you live with?

With my wife Kelly. We’ve been together since school 25 years ago. We got married 11 years ago.

Have you any pets?

Mable, a French Bulldog and Brillo a miniature Schnauzer. Kelly’s a dog groomer so we’ve always got dogs around. She grooms client’s dogs in the summer-house in the garden.

Winter is on the way. Have you any film or TV recommendations?

Anything Marvel or Harry Potter.

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