Kinsham Time Trial 23 Jan 2022

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Despite the skies not quite corresponding to the blue of the publicity pics, the views from this picturesque corner of NW Herefordshire were fantastic, and this year, with no low cloud and driving rain, I could see that there was a viewing circle at the summit, which last year I failed to spot even though running within a few feet of it.

It was a demanding, but pleasant mostly grassy course, over 4 miles of varied countryside. Somehow though, there seemed to be more uphill than down! 22 of us set off from Cadwell farm, up a lane, up a field, up through a small wood and then down and then a tough climb over tufty grass to the summit, a tour of the same field and past the summit again, steeply down (where Sam tried to exit the course through a gate) an almost flat bit of course (!) followed by a steep climb and into woodland, another loop, allowing Scott and Eric to lap us, and after completing this second loop downhill to the finish. Mike had thoughtfully moved the finish to a slightly flatter area, particularly foresightful in view of Eric’s final charge to overtake Scott more or less on the line.

Eric lopped over 2 minutes off last year’s time, pushed as he was by Scott’s pace making. Liza was first lady (there’s a first for everything!), also ‘pushed’ at times by an enthusiastic quad bike!

Many thanks to Theresa and family for opening up the farm once again to the club, and all the work involved in marking out the course and providing refreshments after.

Special, and belated, congratulations to Lisa for her fantastic achievement: 9 minutes 42 seconds knocked off her previous time!


 RunnerTime PB?
1Eric Apperly26.472.35
2Scott Jones26.48
3Steve Partridge31.34
4Dave Barret34.52
5Liza Austin35.213.15
6Neil Taylor36.23
7Sue Powell36.5736s
8Sam Harper37.1949s
9Guy Whitmarsh37.421.01
10Gary Gunner39.43
11Ollie Cameron-Swann40.26
12Bronwyn Preece40.34
13Steph King41.3818s
14Huw Williams42.50
15Roland Preece42.51
16Lisa Gray43.319.42
17Mike Hayward44.15
18Tim Wain-Hobson47.3428s
19Tom Davies49.25
20Hayley Colebatch50.39
21Sue Field50.5824s
22Bryan Markham61.20


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