Herefordshire and Borders Winter League – Race 1 – Pembridge – individual results

Race Results Winter league
Pos.BibNameGenderClubGun TimeAge CatAge Cat Rank
187Oliver PerrattMLudlow Runners36:27Senior Male1st
23Brychan Price DaviesMBrecon Athletic Club37:14Senior Male2nd
3523Robin WoodsMBuilth & District37:24Vet 45 Male1st
4484Wyndham TurnerMBuilth & District37:41Senior Male3rd
5411Eric ApperleyMCroft Ambrey RC38:24Senior Male4th
636Luke GrayMMonross Trailblazers38:28Vet 35 Male1st
7248Ryan KnightMHereford Couriers RC38:38Senior Male5th
8241Matt JamesMHereford Couriers RC38:44Vet 35 Male2nd
9237Luke MasonMHereford Couriers RC39:10Vet 35 Male3rd
10305Dean JonesMHereford Triathlon Club39:16Vet 35 Male4th
11389Gareth LeekMCroft Ambrey RC39:33Senior Male6th
12623Malachy ClarkeMHereford and County Athletics39:55Male Under 201st
13471David BannisterMLedbury Harriers39:57Vet 45 Male2nd
14249Ryan LawrenceMHereford Couriers RC40:33Senior Male7th
15167Michael DymondMMalvern Buzzards Running Club40:37Senior Male8th
16332Darren BroadyMHereford Triathlon Club40:40Senior Male9th
17418Jasper RobinsonMCroft Ambrey RC40:41Senior Male10th
18181Richard WalshMMalvern Buzzards Running Club40:42Vet 35 Male5th
19218Harry WoodhouseMHereford Couriers RC40:53Senior Male11th
2013Michael HollowayMBrecon Athletic Club40:53Vet 35 Male6th
21625Keith EvansMMalvern Buzzards Running Club40:53Vet 50 Male1st
2280Alex LoganMLudlow Runners41:00Vet 40 Male1st
23667Mark ThomasMCroft Ambrey RC41:07Vet 45 Male3rd
24324Andy FisherMHereford Triathlon Club41:12Vet 50 Male2nd
25192Andrew TylerMHereford Couriers RC41:18Vet 50 Male3rd
26495Lee PriceMBuilth & District41:23Vet 45 Male4th
2738Gavin JonesMMonross Trailblazers41:32Senior Male12th
28258William MorrisMHereford Couriers RC41:34Senior Male13th
29485Tom TurnerMBuilth & District41:45Vet 35 Male7th
30507Donna MorrisFBuilth & District41:53Vet 35 Female1st
31662Greg WoodMHereford Triathlon Club42:00Vet 40 Male2nd
32360James MorganMHereford Triathlon Club42:16Vet 40 Male3rd
33182Neil WarneMMalvern Buzzards Running Club42:24Vet 40 Male4th
34592Jared ForteMMaldwyn Harriers42:27Senior Male14th
35151Richard WilliamsMWye Valley Runners42:33Vet 35 Male8th
3639Mark KilleenMMonross Trailblazers42:58Senior Male15th
37251Scott KennedyMHereford Couriers RC43:11Vet 45 Male5th
38127Jeremy JehanMWye Valley Runners43:16Vet 50 Male4th
39149Ian WhistanceMWye Valley Runners43:30Vet 50 Male5th
40195Ben SkinnerMHereford Couriers RC43:36Vet 35 Male9th
41190Addy CarterFHereford Couriers RC43:43Senior Female1st
4247Alice TaylorFMonross Trailblazers43:45Senior Female2nd
43542Jack HammondMBuilth & District43:48Senior Male16th
44460Dan SanfordMForest of Dean AC43:48Vet 45 Male6th
45412Simon NorwoodMCroft Ambrey RC43:53Vet 50 Male6th
46175Andy KenchingtonMMalvern Buzzards Running Club43:57Vet 55 Male1st
47197Brandon AdamsMHereford Couriers RC44:03Senior Male17th
48152Lea WoodMWye Valley Runners44:04Vet 35 Male10th
49443Grant WomackMCroft Ambrey RC44:14Vet 40 Male5th
50163Sam BurnageMMalvern Buzzards Running Club44:26Vet 45 Male7th
51304Conrad LawsonMHereford Triathlon Club44:27Vet 45 Male8th
52514Richard BullassMBuilth & District44:31Senior Male18th
53326Matt AnsfieldMHereford Triathlon Club44:38Vet 50 Male7th
54194Ben DeanMHereford Couriers RC44:39Male Under 202nd
55131Daniel LewisMWye Valley Runners44:50Vet 45 Male9th
56512Rhys DaviesMBuilth & District44:53Senior Male19th
57302Andy TaylorMHereford Triathlon Club44:57Vet 50 Male8th
584Gareth LawrenceMBrecon Athletic Club45:02Senior Male20th
5910Barney GoodrichMBrecon Athletic Club45:09Vet 45 Male10th
6049Grant WhiteMMonross Trailblazers45:11Senior Male21st
61597Garry JonesMMaldwyn Harriers45:16Vet 50 Male9th
625Rob StephensMBrecon Athletic Club45:21Vet 45 Male11th
63465Neil GrinnellMLedbury Harriers45:25Vet 45 Male12th
64231Kim SaundersFHereford Couriers RC45:28Senior Female3rd
65121Peter FlynnMWye Valley Runners45:32Vet 50 Male10th
66156Ian SockettMWye Valley Runners45:34Vet 50 Male11th
67193Andy WareMHereford Couriers RC45:35Vet 55 Male2nd
68171Sim ForemanMMalvern Buzzards Running Club45:36Vet 45 Male13th
6928Richard BevanMMonross Trailblazers45:38Vet 45 Male14th
70226Jonathan GledhillMHereford Couriers RC45:40Vet 40 Male6th
71630Barry BurnsMSpirit of Monmouth45:50Vet 50 Male12th
72307Peter KovalMHereford Triathlon Club45:54Vet 35 Male11th
73510Owen BowersMBuilth & District45:57Vet 40 Male7th
74224Jon PhillipsMHereford Couriers RC45:57Vet 35 Male12th
75453SPAREForest of Dean AC46:021st
76184Dave WoodwardMMalvern Buzzards Running Club46:11Vet 35 Male13th
77201Chris SmartMHereford Couriers RC46:17Vet 55 Male3rd
78225Jonathan DaveyMHereford Couriers RC46:23Vet 55 Male4th
79245Richie RichardsMHereford Couriers RC46:28Vet 55 Male5th
80364Nick LaytonMHereford Triathlon Club46:28Senior Male22nd
81367Douglas GlasgowMPresteigne Pacers46:42Senior Male23rd
82170Adam DysonMMalvern Buzzards Running Club46:49Vet 40 Male8th
83656Rob KerrMLedbury Harriers46:51Vet 65 Male1st
84239Martin CarterMHereford Couriers RC46:55Vet 55 Male6th
85359Alice GoddingFHereford Triathlon Club46:57Senior Female4th
86492Joanne ReesFBuilth & District47:11Vet 45 Female1st
87216Graeme WalkerMHereford Couriers RC47:13Vet 55 Male7th
88430Nigel TaylorMCroft Ambrey RC47:20Vet 55 Male8th
89627Katie AdamsFSpirit of Monmouth47:26Vet 40 Female1st
90474Martin WilliamsMLedbury Harriers47:30Vet 40 Male9th
9143Rob PotterMMonross Trailblazers47:31Vet 45 Male15th
92210Ed BullockMHereford Couriers RC47:44Senior Male24th
93291Paul SmithMHay Hotfooters47:53Vet 45 Male16th
94524Gareth PriceMBuilth & District47:57Vet 40 Male10th
95500Dai HarrisMBuilth & District47:58Vet 35 Male14th
96261Simon WardMHereford Couriers RC47:59Vet 45 Male17th
97115Niall ConsidineMWye Valley Runners48:01Senior Male25th
9840Laura LelievreFMonross Trailblazers48:01Senior Female5th
99325Kieran PriceMHereford Triathlon Club48:07Senior Male26th
100255Tom TurnerMHereford Couriers RC48:17Senior Male27th
101262Dave WhiteMHereford Couriers RC48:20Vet 50 Male13th
102130David KlotzMWye Valley Runners48:23Vet 40 Male11th
103101Mark WarrenMLudlow Runners48:25Vet 60 Male1st
104306Adamo MihcinokMHereford Triathlon Club48:26Vet 40 Male12th
105415Lee MonksMCroft Ambrey RC48:27Vet 35 Male15th
106666Barry ThompsonMLedbury Harriers48:35Vet 45 Male18th
107320Nathan BradfordMHereford Triathlon Club48:39Vet 40 Male13th
108310Paul MammattMHereford Triathlon Club48:45Vet 50 Male14th
109118Mark DunnMWye Valley Runners48:47Vet 55 Male9th
110452Vince EdwardsMForest of Dean AC48:53Vet 40 Male14th
111486Kate JonesFBuilth & District48:55Senior Female6th
112281Stephen GoodridgeMHay Hotfooters49:03Vet 60 Male2nd
113240Martin LloydMHereford Couriers RC49:16Vet 40 Male15th
114263Joanna EddyFHereford Couriers RC49:17Vet 45 Female2nd
115477Andy CrawshawMLedbury Harriers49:31Vet 55 Male10th
116205Clare MallenderFHereford Couriers RC49:37Vet 45 Female3rd
117646Vicky RobertsFSpirit of Monmouth49:42Senior Female7th
118673Stuart AustinMCroft Ambrey RC49:50Vet 55 Male11th
11916Jane HorlerFBrecon Athletic Club49:54Vet 50 Female1st
120386Kelly BowenFCroft Ambrey RC50:01Vet 35 Female2nd
121212Emily YarnoldFHereford Couriers RC50:12Senior Female8th
12215Naomi LawFBrecon Athletic Club50:16Vet 50 Female2nd
123640Emily HarrisonFSpirit of Monmouth50:24Vet 35 Female3rd
124204Christina PlantFHereford Couriers RC50:27Vet 35 Female4th
125390Dave MillichapMCroft Ambrey RC50:32Vet 50 Male15th
126425Daniel BrazierMCroft Ambrey RC50:34Senior Male28th
127236Lucy JarvisFHereford Couriers RC50:36Senior Female9th
128629Martin BlakebroughMSpirit of Monmouth50:39Vet 55 Male12th
129176Margaret KenchingtonFMalvern Buzzards Running Club50:43Vet 65 Female1st
130238Mark HookinsMHereford Couriers RC50:43Vet 55 Male13th
131282James WaltonMHay Hotfooters50:45Vet 40 Male16th
132252Simon MehiganMHereford Couriers RC50:45Vet 45 Male19th
133494Gareth WoodMBuilth & District50:57Senior Male29th
134221Jess SullivanFHereford Couriers RC50:57Vet 35 Female5th
135250Sarah AskeyFHereford Couriers RC51:05Vet 55 Female1st
136148James VidlerMWye Valley Runners51:06Vet 60 Male3rd
137647Mat StylesMSpirit of Monmouth51:08Senior Male30th
138158Robert GilliganMWye Valley Runners51:14Vet 55 Male14th
139145Laura TootellFWye Valley Runners51:14Vet 45 Female4th
14031Tony DaviesMMonross Trailblazers51:33Vet 45 Male20th
141671Lee MardellMCroft Ambrey RC51:35Vet 35 Male16th
142329Kevin ArtusMHereford Triathlon Club51:40Vet 45 Male21st
14318Annabel HarfordFBrecon Athletic Club51:47Vet 55 Female2nd
144276Eleanor GriffithsFHay Hotfooters51:48Senior Female10th
1452Barry GriffithsMBrecon Athletic Club51:50Vet 55 Male15th
14689Thomas PowellMLudlow Runners51:55Vet 35 Male17th
147401Mia DaviesFCroft Ambrey RC51:57Senior Female11th
148191Amy SmithFHereford Couriers RC52:05Vet 35 Female6th
1497Mark RobertsMBrecon Athletic Club52:09Vet 60 Male4th
150417Ashley RobinsonMCroft Ambrey RC52:30Vet 70 Male1st
151189Abi KnightFHereford Couriers RC52:39Senior Female12th
152394Steph MainFCroft Ambrey RC52:47Vet 50 Female3rd
153413Tim JonesMCroft Ambrey RC52:49Vet 55 Male16th
154172Barbara GawlakFMalvern Buzzards Running Club52:50Vet 35 Female7th
155177Wesley OgdenMMalvern Buzzards Running Club52:52Vet 55 Male17th
156638Rebecca FosterFSpirit of Monmouth53:02Vet 45 Female5th
1571Evan Price DaviesMBrecon Athletic Club53:06Senior Male31st
158110Becki AnsfieldFWye Valley Runners53:08Vet 45 Female6th
159179Martin Reed-DarbyMMalvern Buzzards Running Club53:12Vet 35 Male18th
160228Kate MorrisFHereford Couriers RC53:24Vet 40 Female2nd
161399Jo MarriottFCroft Ambrey RC53:28Vet 50 Female4th
16248Vanessa WardFMonross Trailblazers53:33Vet 35 Female8th
163560Tym MusgroveMLedbury Harriers53:36Vet 55 Male18th
164287Sharon CollinsFHay Hotfooters53:44Vet 55 Female3rd
165420Neil TaylorMCroft Ambrey RC53:52Vet 65 Male2nd
166217Guy JenkinsMHereford Couriers RC53:52Vet 60 Male5th
16796Emma StewardsonFLudlow Runners53:53Vet 45 Female7th
168632Jeremy CreaseyMSpirit of Monmouth53:56Vet 55 Male19th
169203Christina Pinto-PearsonFHereford Couriers RC54:05Vet 40 Female3rd
170672George ThomasMCroft Ambrey RC54:07Senior Male32nd
17132Lucia DemkovaFMonross Trailblazers54:14Vet 40 Female4th
172536David SutherlandMBuilth & District54:19Vet 65 Male3rd
173530Raymond DaviesMBuilth & District54:27Vet 40 Male17th
17486Laura PerrattFLudlow Runners54:29Senior Female13th
175233Kimberley PickettFHereford Couriers RC54:31Vet 35 Female9th
176208David WilliamsMHereford Couriers RC54:37Vet 60 Male6th
177157Catherine WatkinsFWye Valley Runners54:42Vet 40 Female5th
178124Kate GreenFWye Valley Runners54:42Vet 55 Female4th
179254Steve HeringtonMHereford Couriers RC54:47Vet 70 Male2nd
180487Scott HumphreysMBuilth & District54:48Senior Male33rd
181650Marina WrightFSpirit of Monmouth54:50Vet 40 Female6th
182141Lorna ShawFWye Valley Runners54:52Vet 60 Female1st
18350Sophie WilliamsFMonross Trailblazers54:57Vet 35 Female10th
184395Bronwyn PreeceFCroft Ambrey RC54:59Senior Female14th
185280Sara LakeFHay Hotfooters55:07Vet 50 Female5th
186315Richard CawleyMHereford Triathlon Club55:10Vet 45 Male22nd
187599Ifan JonesMMaldwyn Harriers55:14Vet 55 Male20th
18830Emma DaviesFMonross Trailblazers55:15Vet 50 Female6th
189405Jo TilbyFCroft Ambrey RC55:22Vet 40 Female7th
190283Kevin DunsterMHay Hotfooters55:30Vet 60 Male7th
191309Iain HutchinsonMHereford Triathlon Club55:32Vet 35 Male19th
192406Howard VerranMCroft Ambrey RC55:32Vet 45 Male23rd
193393Thea PreeceFCroft Ambrey RC55:33Senior Female15th
194113Lynne ComptonFWye Valley Runners55:34Vet 55 Female5th
195503Isabelle RobinsonFBuilth & District55:37Senior Female16th
196489James JonesMBuilth & District55:41Senior Male34th
197117Mark DempseyMWye Valley Runners55:48Vet 65 Male4th
198322Tim FarndonMHereford Triathlon Club55:49Vet 45 Male24th
199504Gunvor TroelsenFBuilth & District55:50Vet 55 Female6th
200527Ali HardawayMBuilth & District55:52Vet 55 Male21st
2016Paul EvansMBrecon Athletic Club55:53Vet 45 Male25th
202645Paul MiddletonMSpirit of Monmouth56:01Vet 55 Male22nd
20353Chris AshleyMLudlow Runners56:09Senior Male35th
204498Phill HarrisMBuilth & District56:11Vet 40 Male18th
205641Andy HillisMSpirit of Monmouth56:13Vet 55 Male23rd
206264Greg NichollsMHereford Couriers RC56:16Vet 40 Male19th
20792Clive RichardsonMLudlow Runners56:18Vet 65 Male5th
208427Oliver Cameron SwanMCroft Ambrey RC56:20Vet 45 Male26th
209572Tricia HirstFMaldwyn Harriers56:29Vet 65 Female2nd
210575Jo LewisFMaldwyn Harriers56:34Vet 45 Female8th
211478Susannah KirkFLedbury Harriers56:44Vet 45 Female9th
212196Ben JamesMHereford Couriers RC56:52Vet 35 Male20th
213496Andrew JonesMBuilth & District57:20Vet 55 Male24th
214154Nikki ChildsFWye Valley Runners57:20Vet 60 Female2nd
215403Roland PreeceMCroft Ambrey RC57:21Vet 55 Male25th
21614Laurie HigginsFBrecon Athletic Club57:23Senior Female17th
217520Rachel BradburyFBuilth & District57:23Vet 40 Female8th
218528Abbie DaviesFBuilth & District57:31Senior Female18th
21934Adam GrayMMonross Trailblazers57:33Vet 35 Male21st
220657Caroline KerrFLedbury Harriers57:34Vet 55 Female7th
221308Mike ShawMHereford Triathlon Club57:35Vet 70 Male3rd
222448Gary GunnerMCroft Ambrey RC57:40Vet 75 Male1st
223119Jo EllisFWye Valley Runners57:43Vet 40 Female9th
224300Ali AllenFHay Hotfooters57:43Vet 55 Female8th
225346Louise Le RayFHereford Triathlon Club57:44Vet 55 Female9th
226548Bethan CurryFBuilth & District57:47Senior Female19th
227432Guy WhitmarshMCroft Ambrey RC57:57Vet 75 Male2nd
228312Martin PotterMHereford Triathlon Club58:06Vet 50 Male16th
229229Kevin BarnesMHereford Couriers RC58:19Vet 55 Male26th
230563Catherine BradleyFMaldwyn Harriers58:28Vet 40 Female10th
231259Yulia DimitovFHereford Couriers RC58:42Vet 40 Female11th
232230Kim HandleyFHereford Couriers RC58:51Vet 35 Female11th
233266Nicola TylerFHereford Couriers RC59:07Vet 50 Female7th
234583Rachel WoodFMaldwyn Harriers59:12Vet 35 Female12th
235624Brian MorganMHereford and County Athletics59:20Vet 50 Male17th
236116Emily DaviesFWye Valley Runners59:27Vet 40 Female12th
237164Julie CaseleyFMalvern Buzzards Running Club59:39Vet 60 Female3rd
23851Stephen AdamsMLudlow Runners59:42Vet 55 Male27th
239219Hollie FrancisFHereford Couriers RC59:48Senior Female20th
240334Craig EvansMHereford Triathlon Club59:50Vet 50 Male18th
241513Alexander BrownMBuilth & District59:50Vet 55 Male28th
242316John BilbaoMHereford Triathlon Club59:52Vet 65 Male6th
243311Richard AndrewsMHereford Triathlon Club59:58Vet 55 Male29th
244381Samantha HarperFCroft Ambrey RC1:00:00Vet 45 Female10th
245303Ian FosterMHereford Triathlon Club1:00:08Vet 50 Male19th
246522Gareth MorrisMBuilth & District1:00:26Vet 55 Male30th
247293Dilek Usta-AaronsFHay Hotfooters1:00:29Vet 45 Female11th
248388Nikki DohertyFCroft Ambrey RC1:00:32Vet 35 Female13th
249355Charlotte GodsallFHereford Triathlon Club1:00:33Vet 45 Female12th
250284Sue HackettFHay Hotfooters1:00:39Vet 60 Female4th
251132Scott LewisMWye Valley Runners1:01:03Senior Male36th
252295Sharon LindesayFHay Hotfooters1:01:17Vet 50 Female8th
253198Bronwen Tyler-JonesFHereford Couriers RC1:01:21Vet 50 Female9th
254410Steph KingFCroft Ambrey RC1:01:23Vet 55 Female10th
255402Lisa GrayFCroft Ambrey RC1:01:54Vet 50 Female10th
256199Bryony DeanFHereford Couriers RC1:01:57Vet 45 Female13th
257265Mandy ReesFHereford Couriers RC1:01:59Vet 45 Female14th
258122William FlynnMWye Valley Runners1:02:00Senior Male37th
259341Sue BissellFHereford Triathlon Club1:02:07Vet 60 Female5th
260472Rachel BannisterFLedbury Harriers1:02:38Vet 45 Female15th
261350Samantha StaceyFHereford Triathlon Club1:02:42Vet 40 Female13th
26272Lizzie GortonFLudlow Runners1:02:48Senior Female21st
263348Gayle ScotFHereford Triathlon Club1:03:09Vet 45 Female16th
264374Samantha CoxshallFPresteigne Pacers1:03:22Vet 35 Female14th
265114Richard ConnellyMWye Valley Runners1:03:23Vet 50 Male20th
266253Stephen HobsonMHereford Couriers RC1:03:32Vet 60 Male8th
267337Robin FinlayFHereford Triathlon Club1:03:44Vet 50 Female11th
268339Trudy MacklinFHereford Triathlon Club1:04:16Vet 45 Female17th
269493Hayley PriceFBuilth & District1:04:21Vet 50 Female12th
27088Saul PhillipsMLudlow Runners1:04:40Vet 40 Male20th
271501Tina HarrisonFBuilth & District1:04:44Vet 55 Female11th
272398Gemma DaviesFCroft Ambrey RC1:04:44Vet 40 Female14th
273382Huw WilliamsMCroft Ambrey RC1:04:46Vet 60 Male9th
274385Sue WoodFCroft Ambrey RC1:04:54Vet 65 Female3rd
275166Sarah CuddyFMalvern Buzzards Running Club1:05:23Vet 45 Female18th
276352Nicky ShechterFHereford Triathlon Club1:05:37Vet 45 Female19th
277569Georgina FletcherFMaldwyn Harriers1:05:45Vet 60 Female6th
278387Louise ReevesFCroft Ambrey RC1:05:52Vet 45 Female20th
279490Keith HelliwellMBuilth & District1:06:10Vet 45 Male27th
280100Sarah TurnerFLudlow Runners1:06:20Vet 40 Female15th
281298Lucy JardineFHay Hotfooters1:06:26Vet 55 Female12th
282209Debbie DaviesFHereford Couriers RC1:06:41Vet 40 Female16th
283273Tina LavelleFHay Hotfooters1:07:05Vet 65 Female4th
284499Nicola KellyFBuilth & District1:07:05Vet 50 Female13th
285419Mike HaywoodMCroft Ambrey RC1:07:29Vet 60 Male10th
28660Tracy BridgeFLudlow Runners1:08:04Vet 50 Female14th
287144Brian SymondsMWye Valley Runners1:08:05Vet 80 Male1st
288105Nicholas YoungMLudlow Runners1:08:40Vet 65 Male7th
28967Sam FlemingFLudlow Runners1:08:40Vet 45 Female21st
29098Karen ThompsonFLudlow Runners1:08:51Vet 55 Female13th
291391Hayley MillichapFCroft Ambrey RC1:11:17Vet 50 Female15th
292491Avril HardwickFBuilth & District1:11:19Vet 35 Female15th
293400Hayley ColebatchFCroft Ambrey RC1:13:56Vet 35 Female16th
294150Jenni WhistanceFWye Valley Runners1:14:20Vet 55 Female14th
295383Tom DaviesMCroft Ambrey RC1:16:03Vet 70 Male4th
296469Sarah CogginsFLedbury Harriers1:17:50Vet 60 Female7th
297434Tim Wain-HobsonMCroft Ambrey RC1:17:51Vet 65 Male8th
29882Sybil MarshFLudlow Runners1:18:41Vet 75 Female1st
299222John NoonanMHereford Couriers RC1:19:41Vet 60 Male11th
30099Hilary TurnerFLudlow Runners1:20:29Vet 70 Female1st
301437Alison ApperleyFCroft Ambrey RC1:23:54Vet 55 Female15th
302392Bryan MarkhamMCroft Ambrey RC1:25:24Vet 80 Male2nd
303620Louis AnsfieldMHereford and County Athletics20:23Male Under 171st
304619Cai ReesMHereford and County Athletics21:48Male Under 172nd
305621Joseph LeahyMHereford and County Athletics23:33Male Under 173rd
30626Owen Price DaviesMBrecon Athletic Club23:43Male Under 174th
307622Darcy ClarkeFHereford and County Athletics24:34Female Under 171st
308488Callum MorrisMBuilth & District28:56Male Under 175th

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