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This is a misnomer, and possibly falls foul of the sale of goods Act – to get to the mighty Callow you have to first scramble up Ashlet, then Yearlet and finally the Grindle before you set eyes on the Callow. By this time you have scrambled up probably 600m, and crossed three streams. The second stream, in Ashes Hollow was knee deep (for me) and Flora might have felt in danger of being washed away. So, yes, Croft sent three representatives to this fell race: the tall (Tim J), the small (Flora) and the aged (me), who finished in that order (results not yet in – if they disqualify all who failed to carry kit, maybe I’ll move up, nearer the middle of the field?).

Details of the course have been recorded after previous events, suffice it to say that the November version (it used to be run in the height of summer) had its advantages – less bracken and a lower danger of dehydration. On the other hand the streams were wider and deeper, and the slopes were probably slipperier, and the rain that came down towards the end was suspiciously like hail or sleet.

The fashion these days in fell races seems to be to provide runners with a dibber, which you dib into a planted pole about 2’6″ high, usually on the summit of hills, which records your time at each stage of the event, and also records where you were last known to be if you should get lost! We were warned though at the start that the loss of a dibber would incur a ‘fine’ of £30! I expect they’re provided by Huawei, and the Chinese government know precisely where all the runners were.

Anyway, I don’t believe anyone got lost today, in part thanks to the hardy marshals who bravely stood out on hilltops to guide us along the way.

Results: Tim 38th (out of 57) : 1.30.30

             Flora 45th (1st F55) : 1.35.37

             Guy 50th (only M75): 1.45.00

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