Rodney’s Pillar

Race Reports

Last night’s Shropshire fell race series run at Rodney’s Pillar was a wet affair, with the rain beginning just before the start, resulting in a very slippery downhill section of the course. Nigel was the first of the three Croft runners, 33rd in 28.25, a very good run in the conditions. Gary G managed to run away from Tom coming down from Rodney’s Pillar, finishing 76th in 28.25, while Tom, in his haste to pursue Gary, slipped off the path into bushes, to be helped out by a Good Samaritan just behind. No bones broken, but a nastily cut finger. He still managed to complete the course, in 36.37. The race was won by Dominic Jones (23.22), and there were exactly 100 runners.

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