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I gather 5 Croft runners (Steph, Alec, Scott, Sue and Mark) completed the 5k series in Hereford, and that 4 of the number won awards. The only one I’m sure of is Scott, whose photo is a picture of pride and happiness. From reading the glass I see he was 1st under 17. I’m assuming the smile relates to the achievement, rather than to what may have been in the empty glass.


I hope Guy doesn’t mind but I have changed the main picture as Steph and Alec were there to receive prizes for their performance in all three races.

Scott won U17 male, with a time on the night of 17.41. Alec won U15 male, 20.44. Steph won FV40 in 21.35 and Sue Davies who modestly didn’t think she would get a prize, didn’t stay for the presentations but won FV50 in 22.59. Mark was the only other Croft runner taking part in the series just crossing before Sue in the last race in a one of 22.57 on Wednesday.

Well done to all five of the Croft runners. This race attracts high class athletes, with the fastest time on Wednesday Charlie Jones of Cheltenham in 15.54. Full results on the Courier’s website. Maybe with our ever increasing membership there will be a few more Croft entries next year.


3 thoughts on “Hereford 5k series

  1. Alec must have just popped to the bar for a refill with his very similar glass…….. looking at Scott’s smile Mike must be paying! .

  2. Mike is a true Yorkshireman and never pays for anything if it can be avoided. Lots more photos on the Croft Facebook page.

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