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As we approach the halfway point in the series of 2017 club championship races, I thought a summary of this year’s parkrun performances by club members might be useful. Remember, your best 2017 performance counts towards your placing in the club championship.

I believe* Alec is the fastest Croft runner this year, with a best time of 21.35, over 4 minutes faster than his slowest time, achieved last year. April has improved her PB (37.17) by over 2 minutes, and Heather, has run nearly a minute faster, to also record a PB of 37.17. Jasper has knocked nearly a minute off his slowest time, for a PB of 22.55, while Jo T has improved by over 4 minutes to 24.17, and Theresa (PB 33.57) has steadily improved by some 5 and a half minutes. Rachael, on her debut, ran a very commendable 31.56.

All magnificent performances, but the star of the show is Flora, she who crossed the line first in the first of the handicap races. The first time she ran the parkrun, it took her over 40 minutes, but steadily over 14 runs, PB by PB, she has reduced that by as much as 25%, to 30.18, achieved this last Saturday. She has consistently achieved PBs, despite the fact that every time it gets harder to chip a bit more away from one’s previous best.

Sue P, Sam, Jo Marriott, Kelly, Carol, Frank, Gary G, Tom, Ashley, Antony, Neil T and I have also taken part this year, but with very few PBs to show for it! There’s still plenty of time for other championship contenders to show their mettle.

The club has been asked by Peter Cartwright, the Ludlow parkrun organiser, to take over the organisation for one of the runs, probably in July. I hope to be able to give the precise date in the next few days. Any volunteer marshals etc will be very welcome.

*On doing further research, I see that in fact Simon has the fastest time this year, just, recording 21.21. Liz, Steph, Bryan and Jo Moffatt have also run the parkrun in the last 6 months.

PPS On his first outing over the parkrun course, Graham ran 28.04. Very well done! My apologies if I have missed any more club members, but we are expanding so fast it’s hard for an (old) brain to keep up.

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  1. I would love to help out at the parkrun but some of July is going to be difficult for me,but let me know your preferred date(s) and I will help if I can.

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