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Now I’m finally home and have the energy to type… I’d like to say a massive THANK YOU for having the opportunity to run London Marathon representing Croft! After a very long time off with injury, I finally managed to start running again mid October. There was no two ways about it, I was running London injured or not, having already deferred the year before! Sam and I headed down to London Friday to beat the rush of people at the Expo on Saturday. We managed to spot our first celebrity, a very composed and cool James Cracknell. Once registered it was then, what seemed, the very long wait for Sunday morning! We got to the starting areas and were told only competitors could go further, so we decided to queue for the toilets and then I’d be on my way… In the distance though I spotted, out of the thousands, Daren Lincoln (your second celebrity?)!! It was the best feeling seeing another Croft face. From then on Daren was stuck with me, keeping me surprisingly calm up till the start . The race itself was an experience! First of all I was struck with terrible tummy cramps which decided to hang around for the first half, although thankfully didn’t affect my time too much and eventually disappeared. Then I was hit by the fact I couldn’t take anything on board without immediately wanting to be sick and therefore was some what lacking in fuel. Consequently, of course, I hit that wall left right and centre between miles 21 – 24, losing all reach of that sub 4 I was after , finishing on a chip time of 4:03:13. HOWEVER, I can’t fault the crowds and atmosphere and all the effort put in to making London Marathon what it is. I said I’d never do another marathon again…..Until this morning when I woke up and realised I had unfinished business with London, ooops! Last but not least though, massive congratulations to other Crofties Gemma and Daren for also completing London and clocking great times ! Who’s turn is it next year ?

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  1. Very well done, Clare, despite the stomach cramps and the lack of food! And what speed of recovery – wanting to do another marathon within 2 days of finishing your first!

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