Hereford 5k Series

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Report by Sam Harper

The final race of the Hereford Couriers 5k series took place on Wednesday 7th June.

A month apart for each race saw some quite different weather conditions for all three of these fast-paced 5k races. The April race was a wet and soggy affair with puddle dodging at the race track and failing light by the end of the night. May was probably gave the best running conditions – it had been a hot sunny day but the heat of the day had gone by the time the race started and most runners achieved their best times at this leg. The June race was hot and windy with a stretch running into the wind which was a challenge. 

Bryan ran the first race and Kelly the last – their results not counting in the series results.

Eric, Mark, Sam J, Paul, Liv and Sam H and Mike ran in all three races.

Some great Croft results.

Eric Sam J and Liv won their age group categories and Eric, Mark, Sam and Paul were the winning Male team for Croft!

Great results for everyone. 

runnerRace 1 (position)Race2 (position)Race 3 (position)Series position
Eric5 (15.28)2 (15.48)3 (15.49)2
Mark T 17 (16.12)9 (16.26)12 (16.30)6
Sam J18 (16.14)14 (16.37)14 (16.40)7
Paul122 (20.40)98 (20.27)101 (20.42)49
Kelly166 (23.53)
Liv158 (22.25)168 (23.45)168 (23.53)87
Sam H221 (27.08)201 (26.34)209 (26.27)116
Mike H231 (28.07)210 (27.36)223 (28.29)122
Bryan253 (38.21)

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