Crocodile 8

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Race report by Sam Harper.

Sunday saw the long awaited return of the crocodile 8 race.

Once a firm fixture on the Herefordshire racing calender and the envy of primary school PTA committees for the amount it raised for Burghill school each year, it struggled for a relaunch after the covid shutdowns. But with Wye Valley Runners taking over the realm it was great to see 201 runners ready to tackle to course.

This was the third in the Croft Club Championship series and there was a good Croft turnout. A call for Croft before the start for a club photo saw us in situ in prime position for a warm up to music led by Lucy from Starlight dance – unfortunately recorded for prosperity on video with some dubious dance moves from certain Croft members! Fingers crossed we don’t go viral!

The age old problem of the bottle neck which is the kissing gate less than one mile from the start was handled with the proposal of a three phase start with a call to divide into three groups which would be started seperately. The runners dutifully sorted themselves into groups only for everyone to go the same as any other race so I am not sure how sucessful that was! I don’t think groups of runners are very good at listening to instructions. However when I got to the queue it moved pretty quickly and I was not held up very long and I hope that was the same for all Croft runners.

This is a race I have done a few times and I found myself most of the way comparing the route to how I remember it. The run to the kissing gate was further than I remember, I am sure some of the tracks around the orchards have been tarmacked which made it easier, some sections across the fields a bit more rutted from tractor tracks in wetter weather, there were more steps into the woods, the woods were dryer except for one muddy patch, and the section in the wood longer. The final strech of road after coming out of the meadow went on forever and I had forgotten the crocodile 8 was actually the Crocodile 8.8! In actual fact I think it was probably exactly the same as in previous years and the running conditions were great – not as hot as in previous days and good conditions underfoot.

It was great to have some Croft supporters on the sidelines – a real boost to have someone you know shouting for you as you go round.

Some really great Croft results. Eric battled his way round with Matt and Aiden Yapp and managed to stay ahead to finish in first place. There was some confusion in the ladies results and I am not sure if Hannah got the recognition she deserved for her third place.

Race PostionRunnerTime
1Eric Apperley55.53
25Hannah Fletcher1.09.213rd female
29Neil Powell1.11.29
35Steve Partridge1.13.31
40George Thomas1.15.12
55Dave Millichap1.18.25
64Jo Marriott1.20.32
72Paul Parker1.22.15
87Thea Preece1.23.41
111Craig Price1.28.21
128Howard Verran1.31.07
148Sam Harper1.34.41
151Sue Purvin1.37.44
157Huw Williams1.38.38
158Lisa Gray1.38.39
161Hayley Colebach1.39.44
174Clare Preece1.44.46
193Theresa Jones1.52.38
194Carol Powell1.56.04
198Bryan Davies1.59.59

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