Bury Ditches

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Pat, Tom and Gary and myself represented Croft in this 6 mile race in the South Shropshire countryside. Billed as a fell run but more of a hilly trail race, this is one of my favourite races of the year but it is a shame that this doesn’t seem to be shared by fellow runners as only 35 people took part.

It starts and ends at the Powys Inn pub in Lydbury North and is a steady ascent to the top of the hill fort before heading back down to the pub with a surprise steep climb about 2 miles before the finish. It is truly a multi-surface race – a little bit along road, through fields, on farm tracks, on forest footpaths and across the top of the hillfort.

We were a fairly spread out group and I spent most of the race trying in vain to catch up with a Mercia Fell Runner, with no one else in sight and no one breathing down my neck to make a bit of a race of it.

The First three finishers were all Mercia Fell Runners with Paul Jones in first, place only 3 seconds off the course record in 37.18. The first lady home was Zoe Barber of Keele AC in 45.16

Croft results:

Pat finished in 10th in a time of 46.30, myself (Sam H) in 22nd, 53.16, Tom Davies 24th, 55.40 and Gary on heavy legs from his 17 mile welsh triumph the day before in 30th 1.01.05

Stunning views from the top of the hillfort, a well marked route with very freindly marshals, gluten free muffins at the end and cakes and beer for prizes. All for a very reasonable entry fee of £5 which is going to charity (firefighters Charity and Veterans in Action), make this race well worth taking part in.


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  1. well done all concerned..I’m sure it was a pretty run. I too have spent time behind a Mercia Fell Runner or two..we need to see if their ‘wheels’ are rounder than ours or if they are consuming something additional…

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