Long Mynd Valleys weekend

Race Reports

A rather belated comment on the two Garys’ performance on Clee Hill (Saturday) and Long Mynd (Sunday) a month ago. They ran the 2.5 miles to the summit of Titterstone Clee on the Saturday in torrential rain and wind, with conditions underfoot really treacherous in places. Gary P completed the run in 24.55 (won in 22.42), with the now 70yr old Gary G finishing in a very respectable 29.55.
As if that wasn’t enough the next day they set out on the arduous 18 mile Long Mynd Valleys race for a further 2.5 hours of running. Gary P finished 65th, out of nearly 200 runners, giving him an overall position of 5th. Gary G was 10th overall, out of the 15 madmen (and Gill Evans) who completed the two races.

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