Bircher handicap course (to June 6th)

Race Results

Well done to all who completed their first circuit (some did more than one and submitted their best time) of the new course on Bircher, probably in excessively warm weather. Twice round the coppice is quite a pull, but maybe when there are other competitors minds will be thinking more about the competition than the hills?

We now enter the second fortnight, so submit your new times when you’re ready, but by June 21st.

Tom Davies42.56
Guy Whitmarsh35.38
Sue Powell32.55
Tory Dickinson39.39
Eric Apperley26.37
Roland Preece33.41
Louise Reeves42.16
Gemma Davies43.07
Neil Taylor33.14
Carol Powell39.21
Neil Powell26.36
Alex Powell26.32
Nigel Mason26.55
Thea Preece36.54
Bryan Markham49.00
Dave Millichap33.08
Clare Preece41.46
Flora Gunner39.13
Gary Gunner35.15
Sam Harper34.27
Lucy Wilding32.05
Nigel Taylor25.48
Naomi Perkins31.30
Laura Taylor37.08
Dave Blenkharn31.22
Jo Marriott31.07
Steph King35.46
Rob Wood34.55
Sue Wood40.00
Hayley Millichap42.57
Jo Burling44.33
Kelly Bowen30.31
Ted George29.40
Dave George29.40
Sonia George34.55
Max George32.37
Stuart Austin28.00
Liza Austin33.56
Theresa Jones42.32

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