Summer Off-road Race 2 – Kinnersley


Again over 100 runners competed, again we visited Kinnersley orchards after heavy rain, but the going was generally good. First point of note: Stacey won (31.36), beating Matt James by 9 seconds! Well done, Stacey, especially since cross country isn’t his favourite event. Nigel M again had a really good race, finishing 8th (34.12) just ahead of Dave Ameghino (11th, 34.28) who also had an excellent run. Young Dave R (16th, 35.48) just beat Jon (17th, 35.49) and Simon P (19th, 36.04). Vince Playdon, in his first outing (?) for Croft, came in 23rd (36.36), narrowly beating Gavin (25th, 37.04). Neil Powell, also running for Croft for the first time, was 35th (38.26). Suzanne, Croft’s A team lady, finished just ahead (48th, 39.13) of a fast finishing Ashley (49th, 39.15); then came Gary (54th, 39.49), Guy (56th, 40.04), Neil T (61st, 40.44) and Steve ( 63rd, 40.51). Nicky was second Croft lady (69th, 41.27) with Tom (70th, 41.27) on her heels. Rachel (89th, 45.44) finished amongst a flurry of ladies and Bryan (94th, 46.59); Catherine completed the Croft D team. The A team were again 2nd, thus consolidating their position, but with our strongest runners competing we might even get a first place next time!

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