Radnor Ramble


As usual a choice of 17 or 25mile self navigation walk or run across some of the hills of mid Wales, to be completed in less than 10.5 hours. To include (most importantly as far as I’m concerned) a couple of food stops/check points and few ‘self clip’ checkpoints to visit in the more remote areas along the course.

Despite the poor weather at the beginning of the day around 125 people started off from the Community Centre in Knighton. The split between the two distances was probably 50:50 and the split between runners and walkers was probably somewhere in the region of 30:70.

As the day progressed so did the quality of the weather (thankfully). From the start Glyn Williams, Gary Lewis, Simon Norwood, Russell Mapp and I formed the leading pack. I was first home in 4 hours and 20 mins followed by Simon Norwood a few minutes later and Glyn and Gary a few minutes after Simon. In addition to being the first four to finish the 25mile event the four of us also managed beat all of the participants of the 17 mile event back to the finish.

As in previous years a light meal of coffee/tea, soup, fruit cocktail and rice pudding greeted us on our return.

Once again a very enjoyable low key event taking in some very pleasant scenery.

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