Herefordshire and Borders Summer league – Race 1 Berrington Hall – individual results

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PDF versions of the results are on the readysetgo website – huge thanks to them for sending the results on a spreadsheet so we can post them here.

Don’t forget, you can sort by club or age category by clicking on the small triangles at the top of the columns or search for individual runners by typing their name in the search box.

Pos.NameGenderClubTimePointsAge CatAge Cat Rank
1stRobin WoodsMBuilth and District27:351Vet 45 Male1st
2ndMatt YappMCroft Ambrey RC27:352Senior Male1st
3rdMatt JamesMHereford Couriers RC28:073Senior Male2nd
4thMark LamonbyMCroft Ambrey RC28:114Senior Male3rd
5thGareth LeekMCroft Ambrey RC28:115Senior Male4th
6thSam MayglothlingMHereford Triathlon Club28:126Senior Male5th
7thEric ApperleyMCroft Ambrey RC28:227Senior Male6th
8thAidan YappMCroft Ambrey RC28:598Male Under 201st
9thPhil MorrisMBuilth and District29:019Vet 40 Male1st
10thJamie ShinglerMLudlow Runners29:1910Vet 45 Male2nd
11thRyan KnightMHereford Couriers RC29:3111Senior Male7th
12thGavin JonesMMonross Trailblazers29:3712Senior Male8th
13thScott KennedyMHereford Couriers RC30:2513Vet 40 Male2nd
14thDavid BannisterMLedbury Harriers30:3414Vet 45 Male3rd
15thWilliam MorrisMHereford Couriers RC30:4915Senior Male9th
16thRyan LawrenceMHereford Couriers RC30:5416Senior Male10th
17thBen SkinnerMHereford Couriers RC31:0617Senior Male11th
18thPeter KovalMHereford Triathlon Club31:1218Senior Male12th
19thDonna MorrisFBuilth and District31:1919Vet 35 Female1st
20thHaydn O'ReillyMBuilth and District31:3320Vet 40 Male3rd
21stHarry WoodhouseMHereford Couriers RC31:3821Senior Male13th
22ndRichard EdwardsMBuilth and District31:4222Vet 40 Male4th
23rdSam JusanMCroft Ambrey RC31:5923Senior Male14th
24thJeremy JehanMWye Valley Runners32:1824Vet 50 Male1st
25thEd BullockMHereford Couriers RC32:3325Senior Male15th
26thKevin KerriganMHereford Couriers RC32:3726Senior Male16th
27thRhys DaviesMBuilth and District32:4827Senior Male17th
28thNigel TaylorMCroft Ambrey RC32:5328Vet 55 Male1st
29thClaire ThomasFLudlow Runners33:0529Vet 35 Female2nd
30thDave GeorgeMCroft Ambrey RC33:0730Vet 50 Male2nd
31stDavid WarnerMCroft Ambrey RC33:0931Vet 55 Male2nd
32ndStephen HambridgeMBuilth and District33:1032Vet 40 Male5th
33rdJoshua ThomasMBuilth and District33:1133Senior Male18th
34thMartin LloydMHereford Couriers RC33:1334Vet 40 Male6th
35thMatthew HallMLudlow Runners33:1535Senior Male19th
36thDaniel SpearMHereford Couriers RC33:2036Senior Male20th
37thNeil GrinnellMLedbury Harriers33:2037Vet 45 Male4th
38thAndy WareMHereford Couriers RC33:2538Vet 50 Male3rd
39thHannah FletcherFCroft Ambrey RC33:4639Vet 35 Female3rd
40thColin LambourneMHereford Couriers RC33:4640Vet 45 Male5th
41stMatthew SullivanMBuilth and District33:5041Senior Male21st
42ndRichard BevanMMonross Trailblazers34:0642Vet 45 Male6th
43rdAndrew StephensMMonross Trailblazers34:0843Vet 45 Male7th
44thMark RadonMPresteigne Pacers34:0844Vet 40 Male7th
45thSteve PartrigeMCroft Ambrey RC34:1045Vet 40 Male8th
46thAndy TaylorMHereford Triathlon Club34:2846Vet 50 Male4th
47thRichie RichardsMHereford Couriers RC34:3247Vet 55 Male3rd
48thJosh PriceMBuilth and District34:3248Senior Male22nd
49thGareth PriceMBuilth and District34:3349Vet 40 Male9th
50thMartin WilliamsMLedbury Harriers34:4350Vet 40 Male10th
51stNaomi ProsserFHereford Couriers RC34:4651Senior Female1st
52ndDai HarrisMBuilth and District34:4852Senior Male23rd
53rdMartin CarterMHereford Couriers RC35:0253Vet 55 Male4th
54thJoanne ReesFBuilth and District35:0654Vet 45 Female1st
55thNeil PowellMCroft Ambrey RC35:0855Vet 50 Male5th
56thPeter FlynnMWye Valley Runners35:0956Vet 50 Male6th
57thGrant WhiteMMonross Trailblazers35:1057Senior Male24th
58thLee MonksMCroft Ambrey RC35:1158Senior Male25th
59thJonny SamuelMBuilth and District35:1959Senior Male26th
60thGareth LloydMPresteigne Pacers35:2060Senior Male27th
61stKate JonesFBuilth and District35:2561Senior Female2nd
62ndSophie CookFBuilth and District35:4462Vet 40 Female1st
63rdStephen GoodridgeMHay Hotfooters35:4863Vet 55 Male5th
64thAmy FulfordFLudlow Runners35:5164Vet 45 Female2nd
65thNiall ConsidineMWye Valley Runners35:5665Senior Male28th
66thEllie SmithersFHereford Couriers RC35:5866Senior Female3rd
67thKelly BowenFCroft Ambrey RC36:0367Vet 35 Female4th
68thIan ChubbMLudlow Runners36:0468Vet 50 Male7th
69thTim GilesMLudlow Runners36:1869Vet 50 Male8th
70thKatie AyresFCroft Ambrey RC36:2670Senior Female4th
71stEleanor GriffithsFHay Hotfooters36:3671Senior Female5th
72ndChristina PlantFHereford Couriers RC36:4972Vet 35 Female5th
73rdIain PrenticeMLudlow Runners36:5873Vet 55 Male6th
74thChristian PrynneMBuilth and District37:1474Vet 50 Male9th
75thRobert GilliganMWye Valley Runners37:1875Vet 55 Male7th
76thRobert ConnellMHereford Couriers RC37:2476Vet 60 Male1st
77thAmelia LouthFWye Valley Runners37:2677Senior Female6th
78thLaura HandsFHereford Couriers RC37:2978Senior Female7th
79thRobert PriceMBuilth and District37:3179Vet 45 Male8th
80thDave MillichapMCroft Ambrey RC37:4880Vet 50 Male10th
81stThomas PowellMLudlow Runners37:5081Senior Male29th
82ndKate GreenFLedbury Harriers37:5282Vet 55 Female1st
83rdDavid WilliamsMHereford Couriers RC37:5383Vet 60 Male2nd
84thGareth WoodMBuilth and District37:5484Senior Male30th
85thThea PreeceFCroft Ambrey RC37:5785Senior Female8th
86thJames VidlerMWye Valley Runners37:5886Vet 60 Male3rd
87thClare MallenderFHereford Couriers RC38:0187Vet 40 Female2nd
88thRoland PreeceMCroft Ambrey RC38:0888Vet 55 Male8th
89thMia DaviesFCroft Ambrey RC38:1589Senior Female9th
90thKevin ArtusMHereford Triathlon Club38:1590Vet 45 Male9th
91stSteve HeringtonMHereford Couriers RC38:2291Vet 70 Male1st
92ndDavid GreenMHereford Couriers RC38:2492Vet 55 Male9th
93rdSteve MeshamMPresteigne Pacers38:2993Vet 50 Male11th
94thJo TilbyFCroft Ambrey RC38:3194Vet 40 Female3rd
95thDaniel BrazierMCroft Ambrey RC38:3395Senior Male31st
96thNeil TaylorMCroft Ambrey RC38:4296Vet 65 Male1st
97thPaul DaviesMHereford Couriers RC38:4897Vet 60 Male4th
98thJames FletcherMMonross Trailblazers38:5398Vet 55 Male10th
99thSimon MehiganMHereford Couriers RC38:5599Vet 45 Male10th
100thMick CollinsMHay Hotfooters39:04100Vet 55 Male11th
101stPaddy NugentMWye Valley Runners39:52101Vet 60 Male5th
102ndJo MarriottFCroft Ambrey RC40:01102Vet 50 Female1st
103rdClive RichardsonMLudlow Runners40:05103Vet 65 Male2nd
104thRussell LimbertMLudlow Runners40:13104Vet 55 Male12th
105thRichard CrawleyMHereford Triathlon Club40:18105Vet 45 Male11th
106thLynne ComptonFWye Valley Runners40:24106Vet 55 Female2nd
107thIan PriceMCroft Ambrey RC40:25107Vet 70 Male2nd
108thGuy JenkinsMHereford Couriers RC40:32108Vet 60 Male6th
109thPaul RobertsMLudlow Runners40:36109Vet 55 Male13th
110thSteph MainFCroft Ambrey RC40:38110Vet 50 Female2nd
111thJane HaydeFWye Valley Runners40:42111Vet 35 Female6th
112thVanessa WardFMonross Trailblazers41:03112Vet 35 Female7th
113thKate PlattFHay Hotfooters41:04113Vet 45 Female3rd
114thJuliana FergusonFLudlow Runners41:07114Vet 40 Female4th
115thMike ShawMHereford Triathlon Club41:09115Vet 70 Male3rd
116thLorna ShawFWye Valley Runners41:11116Vet 60 Female1st
117thLee JarvisMBuilth and District41:15117Vet 40 Male11th
118thSara LakeFHay Hotfooters41:20118Vet 50 Female3rd
119thPhillip HarrisMBuilth and District41:22119Vet 40 Male12th
120thRachel BradburyFBuilth and District41:23120Vet 40 Female5th
121stLucia DemkovaFMonross Trailblazers41:32121Vet 40 Female6th
122ndVictoria WoodhallFHereford Couriers RC41:34122Vet 45 Female4th
123rdEmily GouldFLudlow Runners41:35123Senior Female10th
124thSharon CollinsFHay Hotfooters41:41124Vet 55 Female3rd
125thRalph LloydMWye Valley Runners41:46125Vet 60 Male7th
126thPeter CartwrightMLudlow Runners41:50126Vet 65 Male3rd
127thLiza AustinFCroft Ambrey RC41:51127Vet 55 Female4th
128thSamantha HarperFCroft Ambrey RC41:52128Vet 45 Female5th
129thGunvor TroelsenFBuilth and District41:53129Vet 55 Female5th
130thCelia SpeakeFBuilth and District42:06130Vet 55 Female6th
131stHoward VerranMCroft Ambrey RC42:06131Vet 45 Male12th
132ndNikki DohertyFCroft Ambrey RC42:06132Vet 35 Female8th
133rdBronwyn PreeceFCroft Ambrey RC42:07133Senior Female11th
134thBrent LowsonMWye Valley Runners42:13134Vet 60 Male8th
135thEmma StewardsonFLudlow Runners42:23135Vet 40 Female7th
136thIan FosterMHereford Triathlon Club42:26136Vet 50 Male12th
137thSuzanne PowellFCroft Ambrey RC42:27137Vet 60 Female2nd
138thClaire WebbFLudlow Runners42:36138Vet 45 Female6th
139thGordon TruluckMWye Valley Runners42:38139Vet 65 Male4th
140thCraig CollierMLudlow Runners42:39140Senior Male32nd
141stJo EllisFWye Valley Runners42:43141Vet 40 Female8th
142ndTim JonesMCroft Ambrey RC42:44142Vet 55 Male14th
143rdKim TomkinsonFHereford Triathlon Club42:45143Senior Female12th
144thKevin BarnesMHereford Couriers RC42:47144Vet 55 Male15th
145thBen GoddardMHereford Couriers RC42:51145Senior Male33rd
146thSophie WilliamsFMonross Trailblazers42:53146Vet 35 Female9th
147thRob WoodMCroft Ambrey RC42:57147Vet 65 Male5th
148thJohn BilboaMHereford Triathlon Club43:09148Vet 65 Male6th
149thMark DempseyMWye Valley Runners43:22149Vet 65 Male7th
150thGuy WhitmarshMCroft Ambrey RC43:27150Vet 75 Male1st
151stOliver Cameron SwanMCroft Ambrey RC43:30151Vet 45 Male13th
152ndSaul PhillipsMLudlow Runners43:30152Vet 40 Male13th
153rdDeanna MammattFHereford Triathlon Club43:32153Vet 45 Female7th
154thLeah LoweFWye Valley Runners43:37154Vet 35 Female10th
155thLouise Le RayFHereford Triathlon Club43:40155Vet 55 Female7th
156thGary WattsMBuilth and District43:41156Vet 55 Male16th
157thJamie CookMPresteigne Pacers43:47157Vet 60 Male9th
158thEmily MoseleyFLudlow Runners43:55158Vet 35 Female11th
159thSonia GeorgeFCroft Ambrey RC44:05159Vet 45 Female8th
160thElizabeth WhitmarshFLudlow Runners44:21160Vet 40 Female9th
161stHélène LohFCroft Ambrey RC44:38161Senior Female13th
162ndSuzanne PurvinFCroft Ambrey RC44:43162Vet 60 Female3rd
163rdRaymond DaviesMBuilth and District44:46163Vet 40 Male14th
164thTom Boog-ScottMLudlow Runners44:51164Vet 70 Male4th
165thDave SherwoodMWye Valley Runners44:54165Vet 60 Male10th
166thAnge PriceFHay Hotfooters44:56166Vet 50 Female4th
167thAdam Mitchell-HaywoodMHereford Couriers RC45:09167Vet 40 Male15th
168thLindsey FlowersFWye Valley Runners45:20168Vet 35 Female12th
169thGareth ParkinsonMLudlow Runners45:38169Vet 50 Male13th
170thBryan LloydMPresteigne Pacers45:51170Vet 60 Male11th
171stAmy PurvinFCroft Ambrey RC45:58171Senior Female14th
172ndTina CartwrightFLudlow Runners46:00172Vet 65 Female1st
173rdTony StanleyMLudlow Runners46:06173Vet 60 Male12th
174thCharlotte GodsallFHereford Triathlon Club46:07174Vet 45 Female9th
175thMalgorzata Bronisz-HandleyFLudlow Runners46:20175Vet 40 Female10th
176thKevin DugganMPresteigne Pacers46:20176Vet 45 Male14th
177thSteph KingFCroft Ambrey RC46:21177Vet 55 Female8th
178thChris OffaMBuilth and District46:23178Vet 45 Male15th
179thLouise ReevesFCroft Ambrey RC46:38179Vet 45 Female10th
180thSahrah WildingFPresteigne Pacers47:08180Vet 55 Female9th
181stLeanne CuthbertsonFCroft Ambrey RC47:15181Senior Female15th
182ndSue WoodFCroft Ambrey RC47:38182Vet 65 Female2nd
183rdNikki FergussonFCroft Ambrey RC47:40183Senior Female16th
184thDavid Mitchell-HaywoodMHereford Couriers RC48:05184Senior Male34th
185thHuw WilliamsMCroft Ambrey RC48:16185Vet 60 Male13th
186thIzzy WattsFBuilth and District48:20186Vet 40 Female11th
187thTom SullivanMPresteigne Pacers48:22187Senior Male35th
188thNicola KellyFBuilth and District48:33188Vet 50 Female5th
189thGemma DaviesFCroft Ambrey RC48:34189Vet 40 Female12th
190thTina LavelleFHay Hotfooters48:36190Vet 65 Female3rd
191stCaroline RobsonFPresteigne Pacers48:38191Vet 40 Female13th
192ndJohn PriceMHay Hotfooters48:50192Vet 65 Male8th
193rdJoanne StanleyFLudlow Runners49:01193Vet 60 Female4th
194thJanet HillFLudlow Runners49:08194Vet 65 Female4th
195thSamantha StaceyFHereford Couriers RC49:20195Vet 40 Female14th
196thMichael PowellMHereford Couriers RC49:21196Vet 50 Male14th
197thAlan NichollsMHay Hotfooters49:45197Vet 70 Male5th
198thHayley PriceFBuilth and District50:17198Vet 50 Female6th
199thLiam DalyMBuilth and District50:17199Vet 60 Male14th
200thStephen HobsonMHereford Couriers RC50:23200Vet 60 Male15th
201stLaura PriceFHereford Couriers RC50:33201Senior Female17th
202ndLisa GrayFCroft Ambrey RC50:46202Vet 50 Female7th
203rdHayley ColebatchFCroft Ambrey RC50:46203Vet 35 Female13th
204thClare PreeceFCroft Ambrey RC50:55204Vet 50 Female8th
205thLouise PhillipsFCroft Ambrey RC51:33205Vet 50 Female9th
206thSamantha CoxshallFPresteigne Pacers51:44206Vet 35 Female14th
207thTheresa JonesFCroft Ambrey RC52:02207Vet 50 Female10th
208thHayley MillichapFCroft Ambrey RC52:17208Vet 50 Female11th
209thShannon PriceFBuilth and District52:24209Senior Female18th
210thClare BroomeFLudlow Runners52:42210Vet 45 Female11th
211thWendy BookerFLudlow Runners53:20211Vet 55 Female10th
212thKaren ThompsonFLudlow Runners53:32212Vet 55 Female11th
213thAlison BenwellFLudlow Runners53:40213Vet 55 Female12th
214thOlivia WattsFBuilth and District54:48214Senior Female19th
215thNoreen O ConnorFBuilth and District54:49215Vet 60 Female5th
216thSonia BowenFLedbury Harriers55:12216Vet 50 Female12th
217thTom DaviesMCroft Ambrey RC55:32217Vet 70 Male6th
218thSybil MarshFLudlow Runners55:59218Vet 70 Female1st
219thSamantha WilliamsonFLudlow Runners59:25219Vet 35 Female15th
220thGemma LockeFLudlow Runners59:25220Senior Female20th
221stSuzanne FieldFCroft Ambrey RC1:00:33221Vet 50 Female13th
222ndJan BenjaminFLudlow Runners1:00:40222Vet 60 Female6th
223rdJohn NoonanMHereford Couriers RC1:00:48223Vet 60 Male16th
224thLiz FishpoolFHereford Couriers RC1:01:37224Senior Female21st
225thBryan MarkhamMCroft Ambrey RC1:02:00225Vet 80 Male1st
226thCallum MorrisMBuilth and District22:31226Male Under 171st

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