Westhope summer off-road series 2017

Race Results Summer league
1Stacey MorganCroft Ambrey R.C.MV4029.59
2Mark LamonbyCroft Ambrey R.C.S.M.31.08
3Sam MayglothlingWye Valley RunnersS.M.31.25
4Jeremy JehanWye Valley RunnersMV4532.28
5Simon NorwoodCroft Ambrey R.C.MV4533.03
6Gavin JonesMonross TrailblazersS.M.33.07
7Ian SockettWye Valley RunnersMV4533.08
8Stuart BookerLudlow RunnersS.M.33.13
9Mike FawcettWye Valley RunnersMV5033.19
10Peter NugentWye Valley RunnersS.M.33.29
11Lea WoodWye Valley RunnersS.M.33.43
12Greg DaviesCroft Ambrey R.C.S.M.34.02
13Dave GeorgeCroft Ambrey R.C.MV4534.07
14Matt JennesonLudlow RunnersS.M.34.25
15Nigel TaylorCroft Ambrey R.C.MV5034.37
16Dan FisherLudlow RunnersS.M.34.40
17Andy TaylorHereford Triathlon ClubMV4534.48
18Andy MoxonWye Valley RunnersMV4535.03
19Neil PowellCroft Ambrey R.C.MV4535.09
20Dave WilliamsHereford CouriersMV5535.20
21Bobby PritchardMonross TrailblazersS.M.35.49
22Paul DaviesWye Valley RunnersMV4535.53
23Jordan McQueenCroft Ambrey R.C.S.M.36.01
24Paul LewisLudlow RunnersS.M.36.05
25Mark WarrenLudlow RunnersMV5536.19
26Amy Fulford ***Ludlow RunnersFV4036.29
27Mike LinkHereford CouriersMV4536.32
28Gerry MeredithMonross TrailblazersMV4037.00
29Nigel BakerMonross TrailblazersMV5037.13
30Oscar AustinCroft Ambrey R.C.J(U17)37.19
31Laura Tootell ***Wye Valley RunnersFV4037.19
32Richard BevanMonross TrailblazersMV4037.25
33Daniel SpearLudlow RunnersS.M.37.27
34Thomas PowellLudlow RunnersS.M.37.33
35Laura Lelievre ***Monross TrailblazersS.F.37.43
36Irina Dale ***Croft Ambrey R.C.S.F.37.55
37Martin CarterHay HotfootersMV5038.11
38Jon ToveyLudlow RunnersS.M.38.16
39Paddy NugentWye Valley RunnersMV5538.24
40Ian ChubbLudlow RunnersMV4538.25
41Paul KempWye Valley RunnersMV4038.29
42Steve HeringtonHereford CouriersMV6538.43
43Dan PavittLudlow RunnersMV5038.49
44Emma Morris ***Croft Ambrey R.C.S.F.38.52
45Will FordHay HotfootersS.M.39.03
46Robyn Gore ***Croft Ambrey R.C.S.F.39.08
47Tony ChampkenWye Valley RunnersMV6039.08
48Chris ClearyHereford CouriersS.M.39.10
49Paul LewisLudlow RunnersS.M.39.10
50Paul DewsLudlow RunnersS.M.39.14
51Ben CrossleyLudlow RunnersS.M.39.21
52Alec HoskinsWye Valley RunnersMV4039.45
53Jim SmithHereford CouriersMV4039.56
54Sheryl Evans ***Hereford CouriersFV4540.03
55Becki Ansfield ***Wye Valley RunnersFV4040.19
56Jo Tilby ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV3540.32
57David GreenHereford CouriersMV5040.46
58Michael SmallwoodWye Valley RunnersMV5040.46
59Viv Dempsey ***Ludlow RunnersFV4541.10
60Piotr StrzesakPresteigne PacersMV6041.18
61Steph Main ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV4541.20
62Susan Davies ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV5041.29
63Paul TreeHay HotfootersMV4541.33
64Saul PhillipsLudlow RunnersS.M.41.35
65Gary LewisPresteigne PacersMV4541.37
66John WarburtonHay HotfootersMV4541.38
67Jane Hayde ***Wye Valley RunnersS.F.41.49
68Guy WhitmarshCroft Ambrey R.C.MV7041.56
69Sue Powell ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV5542.01
70Frank LuscottCroft Ambrey R.C.MV6042.06
71Rita Tomkins ***Presteigne PacersFV5542.11
72Hannah Crossley ***Ludlow RunnersFV3542.15
73Amy Tootell ***Wye Valley RunnersFV4042.19
74Brian MorganHay HotfootersMV4542.21
75Samantha Harper ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV4042.27
76Kevin BarnesHereford CouriersMV5042.33
77Paul ParkerLudlow RunnersMV4542.42
78Gary GunnerCroft Ambrey R.C.MV7042.49
79Steve BedfordWye Valley RunnersMV6043.00
80Andrew WathenHereford Triathlon ClubS.M.43.08
81Lynne Compton ***Wye Valley RunnersFV5043.15
82Ralph LloydWye Valley RunnersMV5543.16
83Mark PaviourCroft Ambrey R.C.MV5043.23
84Nigel JonesWye Valley RunnersMV5543.29
85Jo Marriott ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV4543.46
86Ian FosterHereford Triathlon ClubMV4543.55
87Heath MountfordLudlow RunnersMV4543.55
88Mark DaviesHay HotfootersMV5543.57
89Lucy Mason ***Wye Valley RunnersFV3543.59
90Eleanor Baker ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV4044.03
91Peter CartwrightLudlow RunnersMV6044.20
92Mel Williams ***Ledbury & District HarriersFV3544.24
93Aderyn Carter ***Hay HotfootersJ(U17)44.34
94Kelly Rose ***Wye Valley RunnersFV4044.34
95Brendan McIlroyHereford Triathlon ClubMV5044.45
96Tom DaviesCroft Ambrey R.C.MV6544.54
97John PriceHay HotfootersMV6044.57
98Tracy Miles ***Hereford CouriersFV5045.01
99Julian TroutWye Valley RunnersMV5045.04
100Cath Watkins ***Wye Valley RunnersFV3545.09
101Angela Price ***Hay HotfootersFV4545.15
102Jan Edwards ***Wye Valley RunnersFV6045.20
103William GoreCroft Ambrey R.C.J.M.45.22
104Scott HardieCroft Ambrey R.C.S.M.45.29
105Brian SymondsWye Valley RunnersMV7045.40
106Billy Smallwood ***Wye Valley RunnersFV5045.47
107Liza Austin ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV5046.29
108Sandy RossLudlow RunnersMV6546.45
109Liam DalyBuilth & District R.C.MV5546.49
110Tina Cartwright ***Ludlow RunnersFV6047.09
111Debbie Bean ***Ludlow RunnersFV3547.15
112Andrew BlackmanWye Valley RunnersMV5547.27
113Simon DyeHereford Triathlon ClubMV4548.05
114Rob WoodCroft Ambrey R.C.MV6049.33
115Sian Champken ***Wye Valley RunnersFV4550.35
116Becky Humphreys ***Wye Valley RunnersS.F.51.04
117Susannah English ***Hay HotfootersFV6051.56
118Tina Lavelle ***Hay HotfootersFV6051.56
119Louise Ainger ***Wye Valley RunnersFV3552.04
120Nick PaviourCroft Ambrey R.C.S.M.52.21
121Rae Williams ***Wye Valley RunnersS.F.52.30
122Jamie GreenLudlow RunnersS.M.52.38
123Wendy Booker ***Ludlow RunnersFV5052.44
124Sue Bamford ***Hay HotfootersFV6052.47
125Sue Richards ***Hay HotfootersFV6053.13
126Rachael Price ***Croft Ambrey R.C.S.F.54.23
127Sarah Coggins ***Ledbury & District HarriersFV5555.41
128Michele Parker ***Ludlow RunnersFV4556.57
129Nikki Martin ***Ludlow RunnersS.F.56.57
130Nicola Kelly ***Builth & District R.C.FV4557.34
131Claire Donkin ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV3558.56
132Kayleigh Jones ***Croft Ambrey R.C.S.F.59.14
133Lisa Gray ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV4559.17
134Gemma Davies ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV3559.19
135Bryan MarkhamCroft Ambrey R.C.MV7560.14
136Theresa Jones ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV4561.08
137Maggie Morris ***Ludlow RunnersFV5562.19
138Sue Lewis ***Presteigne PacersFV5563.16
139Rachel Thomas ***Croft Ambrey R.C.FV3563.52
140Courtney Bradford ***Croft Ambrey R.C.S.F.63.52
141David HaynesLudlow RunnersMV7066.15

1 thought on “Westhope summer off-road series 2017

  1. Did anyone give their sunglasses to Nikki Tyler on the way round? If so I have them and will bring them to the High Vinnals race with me.

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