Herefordshire and Borders Summer League

Race Results Summer league

Race 2 – Fforest Fields June 22 2022

Thanks to Readysetgo for timing the race and providing results. Full results can be found on their website: readysetgotiming

Pos.NameClubTimePointsAge CatAge Cat Rank
1stRobin WoodsBuilth and District27:551Vet 45 Male1st
2ndEric ApperleyCroft Ambrey RC28:342Senior Male1st
3rdMark LamonbyCroft Ambrey RC28:513Senior Male2nd
4thGareth LeekCroft Ambrey RC29:004Senior Male3rd
5thAlex LoganLudlow Runners29:035Vet 40 Male1st
6thJamie ShinglerLudlow Runners29:136Vet 45 Male2nd
7thGavin JonesMonross Trailblazers29:447Senior Male4th
8thMike PfeifferBuilth and District29:518Vet 55 Male1st
9thPhil MorrisBuilth and District30:039Vet 40 Male2nd
10thRyan KnightHereford Couriers RC30:1810Senior Male5th
11thScott KennedyHereford Couriers RC31:0611Vet 40 Male3rd
12thDonna MorrisBuilth and District31:1812Vet 35 Female1st
13thSion ParryBuilth and District31:4113Vet 40 Male4th
14thRichard EdwardsBuilth and District31:4114Vet 40 Male5th
15thPeter KovalHereford Triathlon Club32:1315Vet 35 Male1st
16thRyan LawrenceHereford Couriers RC32:2716Senior Male6th
17thWilliam MorrisHereford Couriers RC32:2817Senior Male7th
18thLee PriceBuilth and District32:3118Vet 45 Male3rd
19thJacob IvesonBuilth and District32:4119Senior Male8th
20thGrant WomackCroft Ambrey RC32:5120Vet 40 Male6th
21stSimon NorwoodCroft Ambrey RC33:1021Vet 50 Male1st
22ndRhys DaviesBuilth and District33:1522Senior Male9th
23rdClaire ThomasLudlow Runners33:2723Vet 35 Female2nd
24thJeremy JehanWye Valley Runners33:4524Vet 50 Male2nd
25thCharlotte BroadhurstCroft Ambrey RC33:5025Female Under 201st
26thJack HammondBuilth and District33:5326Senior Male10th
27thMatthew SullivanBuilth and District33:5527Senior Male11th
28thDave GeorgeCroft Ambrey RC34:0128Vet 50 Male3rd
29thMatt AnsfieldHereford Triathlon Club34:0529Vet 45 Male4th
30thNigel TaylorCroft Ambrey RC34:0930Vet 55 Male2nd
31stMarc DowseBuilth and District34:1231Vet 35 Male2nd
32ndMartin LloydHereford Couriers RC34:1832Vet 40 Male7th
33rdDaniel LewisWye Valley Runners34:2433Vet 45 Male5th
34thFern CotterillLudlow Runners34:2734Senior Female1st
35thHaydn O'ReillyBuilth and District34:3435Vet 40 Male8th
36thNeil GrinnellLedbury Harriers34:3636Vet 45 Male6th
37thStephen HambridgeBuilth and District34:4337Vet 40 Male9th
38thDaniel SpearHereford Couriers RC34:4338Vet 35 Male3rd
39thRichard BevanMonross Trailblazers34:4739Vet 45 Male7th
40thAndrew StephensMonross Trailblazers34:4840Vet 45 Male8th
41stDai HarrisBuilth and District34:4941Vet 35 Male4th
42ndAndy TaylorHereford Triathlon Club35:0242Vet 50 Male4th
43rdJosh PriceBuilth and District35:1343Senior Male12th
44thGareth PriceBuilth and District35:2644Vet 40 Male10th
45thJonny SamuelBuilth and District35:2745Senior Male13th
46thMartin CarterHereford Couriers RC35:2846Vet 55 Male3rd
47thGareth LloydPresteigne Pacers35:2947Senior Male14th
48thMatthew SamuelBuilth and District35:3048Vet 35 Male5th
49thMark RadonPresteigne Pacers35:4949Vet 40 Male11th
50thLee NicholsonBuilth and District35:5950Senior Male15th
51stGrant WhiteMonross Trailblazers36:0151Senior Male16th
52ndKate JonesBuilth and District36:0752Senior Female2nd
53rdJonathan DaveyHereford Couriers RC36:1653Vet 55 Male4th
54thJoanne ReesBuilth and District36:2154Vet 45 Female1st
55thSophie CookBuilth and District36:3755Vet 40 Female1st
56thPaul MammattHereford Triathlon Club36:4156Vet 50 Male5th
57thAmy FulfordLudlow Runners36:4757Vet 45 Female2nd
58thLee MonksCroft Ambrey RC36:5458Vet 35 Male6th
59thTim GilesLudlow Runners37:0259Vet 50 Male6th
60thRob SaundersBuilth and District37:1060Vet 40 Male12th
61stKelly BowenCroft Ambrey RC37:1161Vet 35 Female3rd
62ndNiall ConsidineWye Valley Runners37:1962Senior Male17th
63rdDavid O'ConnellPresteigne Pacers37:2263Senior Male18th
64thChristina PlantHereford Couriers RC37:3264Vet 35 Female4th
65thIain PrenticeLudlow Runners37:4265Vet 55 Male5th
66thMia DaviesCroft Ambrey RC37:4466Senior Female3rd
67thEllie SmithersHereford Couriers RC37:5067Senior Female4th
68thRobert GilliganWye Valley Runners37:5468Vet 55 Male6th
69thJenny FarrowBuilth and District38:0569Vet 45 Female3rd
70thDave MillichapCroft Ambrey RC38:1570Vet 50 Male7th
71stSteve MeshamPresteigne Pacers38:3971Vet 50 Male8th
72ndMark HookinsHereford Couriers RC38:5572Vet 50 Male9th
73rdDaniel BrazierCroft Ambrey RC39:0073Senior Male19th
74thPaul ParkerLudlow Runners39:0174Vet 50 Male10th
75thAmelia LouthWye Valley Runners39:0375Senior Female5th
76thThomas PowellLudlow Runners39:0376Vet 35 Male7th
77thKate GreenLedbury Harriers39:0477Vet 55 Female1st
78thGareth WoodBuilth and District39:0678Senior Male20th
79thRebecca AnsfieldWye Valley Runners39:0779Vet 45 Female4th
80thLaura PerrattLudlow Runners39:1280Senior Female6th
81stThea PreeceCroft Ambrey RC39:3681Senior Female7th
82ndDavid WilliamsHereford Couriers RC39:4082Vet 60 Male1st
83rdNeil TaylorCroft Ambrey RC39:5383Vet 65 Male1st
84thChristian PrynneBuilth and District40:0084Vet 50 Male11th
85thRoland PreeceCroft Ambrey RC40:0885Vet 55 Male7th
86thLisa BoucherBuilth and District40:1486Vet 35 Female5th
87thJo TilbyCroft Ambrey RC40:1987Vet 40 Female2nd
88thJo MarriottCroft Ambrey RC40:3088Vet 50 Female1st
89thLynne ComptonWye Valley Runners40:3989Vet 55 Female2nd
90thSteph MainCroft Ambrey RC40:4490Vet 50 Female2nd
91stKirsty ProsserBuilth and District40:5191Senior Female8th
92ndRussell LimbertLudlow Runners40:5592Vet 55 Male8th
93rdMatthew MorrisBuilth and District41:0393Vet 40 Male13th
94thBrent LowsonWye Valley Runners41:0794Vet 60 Male2nd
95thDavid SutherlandBuilth and District41:2995Vet 65 Male2nd
96thRachel BradburyBuilth and District41:3596Vet 40 Female3rd
97thEmma BagshawBuilth and District41:3597Vet 50 Female3rd
98thKate PlattHay Hotfooters41:3998Vet 45 Female5th
99thRichard CrawleyHereford Triathlon Club41:4299Vet 45 Male9th
100thAndrew JonesBuilth and District41:43100Vet 55 Male9th
101stJane HaydeWye Valley Runners41:46101Vet 35 Female6th
102ndDavid GreenHereford Couriers RC41:52102Vet 55 Male10th
103rdGunvor TroelsenBuilth and District41:53103Vet 55 Female3rd
104thMike ShawHereford Triathlon Club41:54104Vet 70 Male1st
105thSara LakeHay Hotfooters42:02105Vet 50 Female4th
106thLorna ShawWye Valley Runners42:02106Vet 60 Female1st
107thIan PriceCroft Ambrey RC42:08107Vet 70 Male2nd
108thScott HumphreysBuilth and District42:12108Senior Male21st
109thKevin DunsterHay Hotfooters42:24109Vet 60 Male3rd
110thCelia SpeakeBuilth and District42:27110Vet 55 Female4th
111thEmma StewardsonLudlow Runners42:29111Vet 40 Female4th
112thLucia DemkovaMonross Trailblazers42:35112Vet 40 Female5th
113thSian SamuelBuilth and District42:37113Vet 35 Female7th
114thHeather EvansBuilth and District42:42114Vet 40 Female6th
115thRalph LloydWye Valley Runners42:55115Vet 60 Male4th
116thRob WoodCroft Ambrey RC43:08116Vet 65 Male3rd
117thVictoria WoodhallHereford Couriers RC43:15117Vet 45 Female6th
118thHoward VerranCroft Ambrey RC43:24118Vet 45 Male10th
119thEmily DaviesWye Valley Runners43:27119Vet 40 Female7th
120thGary GunnerCroft Ambrey RC43:36120Vet 75 Male1st
121stSamantha HarperCroft Ambrey RC43:39121Vet 45 Female7th
122ndLeah LoweWye Valley Runners43:43122Vet 35 Female8th
123rdPhillip HarrisBuilth and District43:49123Vet 40 Male14th
124thPeter CartwrightLudlow Runners43:53124Vet 65 Male4th
125thLiza AustinCroft Ambrey RC43:58125Vet 55 Female5th
126thSaul PhillipsLudlow Runners44:04126Vet 40 Male15th
127thAbbie DaviesBuilth and District44:06127Senior Female9th
128thAlexander BrownBuilth and District44:18128Vet 50 Male12th
129thDeanna MammattHereford Triathlon Club44:24129Vet 45 Female8th
130thGary WattsBuilth and District44:42130Vet 55 Male11th
131stJo EllisWye Valley Runners44:47131Vet 40 Female8th
132ndKevin BarnesHereford Couriers RC44:53132Vet 55 Male12th
133rdJamie CookPresteigne Pacers45:04133Vet 60 Male5th
134thSuzanne PurvinCroft Ambrey RC45:12134Vet 60 Female2nd
135thNikki DohertyCroft Ambrey RC45:23135Vet 35 Female9th
136thKim HandleyHereford Couriers RC45:57136Vet 35 Female10th
137thSue HackettHay Hotfooters46:00137Vet 55 Female6th
138thGordon TruluckWye Valley Runners46:16138Vet 65 Male5th
139thAdam Mitchell-HaywoodHereford Couriers RC46:39139Vet 40 Male16th
140thLaura HandsHereford Couriers RC46:42140Senior Female10th
141stOlivia WattsBuilth and District47:35141Senior Female11th
142ndSian LewisBuilth and District47:52142Vet 40 Female9th
143rdMurray JonesHereford Triathlon Club47:54143Vet 45 Male11th
144thSue WoodCroft Ambrey RC48:02144Vet 65 Female1st
145thLeanne CuthbertsonCroft Ambrey RC48:10145Senior Female12th
146thBryan LloydPresteigne Pacers48:28146Vet 60 Male6th
147thHuw WilliamsCroft Ambrey RC48:28147Vet 60 Male7th
148thLouise ReevesCroft Ambrey RC48:30148Vet 45 Female9th
149thLisa GrayCroft Ambrey RC48:30149Vet 50 Female5th
150thTina CartwrightLudlow Runners48:38150Vet 65 Female2nd
151stSahrah WildingPresteigne Pacers48:42151Vet 55 Female7th
152ndGareth ParkinsonLudlow Runners49:14152Vet 50 Male13th
153rdHollie FrancisHereford Couriers RC49:16153Senior Female13th
154thBryony DeanHereford Couriers RC49:17154Vet 45 Female10th
155thLaura PriceHereford Couriers RC49:30155Senior Female14th
156thKeith HelliwellBuilth and District49:41156Vet 45 Male12th
157thStephen HobsonHereford Couriers RC49:49157Vet 60 Male8th
158thHannah WildingBuilth and District49:55158Senior Female15th
159thIzzy WattsBuilth and District50:14159Vet 40 Female10th
160thTina LavelleHay Hotfooters50:35160Vet 65 Female3rd
161stVictoria BandLedbury Harriers50:39161Vet 45 Female11th
162ndGemma DaviesCroft Ambrey RC51:08162Vet 40 Female11th
163rdHayley PriceBuilth and District51:20163Vet 50 Female6th
164thJanet HillLudlow Runners51:37164Vet 65 Female4th
165thAlan NichollsHay Hotfooters51:55165Vet 70 Male3rd
166thDavid Mitchell-HaywoodHereford Couriers RC52:14166Vet 35 Male8th
167thSPAREHereford Couriers RC52:471671st
168thGareth MorrisBuilth and District52:53168Vet 55 Male13th
169thClare PreeceCroft Ambrey RC53:49169Vet 50 Female7th
170thTina HarrisonBuilth and District54:16170Vet 55 Female8th
171stAlison BenwellLudlow Runners54:57171Vet 55 Female9th
172ndShannon PriceBuilth and District55:09172Senior Female16th
173rdAvril HardwickBuilth and District55:10173Vet 35 Female11th
174thHayley ColebatchCroft Ambrey RC55:22174Vet 35 Female12th
175thTom DaviesCroft Ambrey RC57:23175Vet 70 Male4th
176thSybil MarshLudlow Runners58:31176Vet 70 Female1st
177thLiam Curtis-MooreHereford Couriers RC1:04:46177Senior Male22nd
178thJohn NoonanHereford Couriers RC1:10:42178Vet 60 Male9th
179thBryan MarkhamCroft Ambrey RC1:12:57179Vet 80 Male1st

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