Croft Woods handicap race 4 – 17/07/18

Croft handicap series Race Results
RACE 417th July 2018
1Gary Gunner (MV70)30.47
2Alec Harper (U17)24.47P.B. by 2 mins 5 secs.
3Guy Whitmarsh (MV70)30.53
4Tom Davies (MV65)32.12
5Flora Gunner (FV55)33.28P.B. by 1 min 41 secs.
6Dave Millichap (MV45)27.53
7Nigel Taylor (MV50)25.10
8Will Gore (J.M.)24.53P.B. by 3 mins 16 secs.
9Kerry Martin (FV35)32.50Debut
10Patrick Pearson (MV50)27.43
11Lucy Wilding (S.F.)32.56Debut
12Kelly Bowen (S.F.)26.40P.B. by 1 min 11 secs.
13Dave George (MV45)25.25
14Gemma Davies (FV35)37.04P.B. by 2 mins 59 secs.
15Nicola Luscott (S.F.)38.44P.B. by 3 mins 4 secs.
16Sam Harper (FV40)31.03
17Neil Taylor (MV60)28.52
18Nicky Turvey (FV55)31.12Debut
19Louise Reeves (FV40)37.10Debut
20Jo Marriott (FV50)30.27
21Victoria Dickinson (FV50)35.50P.B. by 2 mins 54 secs.
22Ian Price (MV65)28.54Debut
23Dave Moss (MV45)27.50
24Sue Powell (FV55)30.58FV55 Course Record
25Hayley Millichap (FV45)40.34Debut
26Theresa Jones (FV45)40.00P.B. by 1 min 57 secs.
27Donna Snook (FV50)37.22P.B. by 50 secs.
28Heather Powell (FV55)44.37
29Lisa Gray (FV45)37.47
30Rachael Price (S.F.)39.14
31Stephanie King (FV50)38.08Debut
32Bryan Markham (MV75)41.22
Louise Reynolds (FV50)31.00Debut

1 thought on “Croft Woods handicap race 4 – 17/07/18

  1. One that slipped through my increasingly leaky net : Neil Taylor’s time of 28.52 was a new MV60 course record, beating his own previous record by 13 seconds.

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