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Race report by Alice Godding

On Sunday 17th May, athletes from CARC laced up their running shoes to attempt a 12-hour relay challenge. The aim of the challenge was always to have one member of the club running, from 7am to 7pm, with members starting their run on the hour. All members involved had to run a minimum of 60 minutes to ensure there would be a crossover of runners. All runners had to take a selfie and post this on social media with proof of their run. When I initially suggested this idea to Sam Harper, there were concerns that we would have to run two of the slots as we struggle to have enough interest to fill the whole 12-hours.

We could not have been more wrong! We had an incredible 53 CARC members taking part, running a total of 448.6 miles, totalling over 72 hours of running!

It soon passed 7am, when three eager CARC members started off the challenge; Eric, Sue P and Michael P. I have to specifically mention Ultra Marathon runner Michael P who ran an incredible 40 miles, being on his feet for 7.5 hours! A massive well done to you! 10am soon came and we had 13 athletes running their relay legs; including all the Austins (Liza, Stuart, Lucy and Toby), Tory, Lucy W, Louise Reynolds, Mark W, Louise Reeves, Gemma, Laura, Lisa and myself. 3pm was another very popular slot for our runners; with Sam H, Bryan M, Hannah, David B, Carol and Neil P and Alex all taking to the roads. I would also like to thank both Sam J and Suzanne F for finishing off the challenge and running the 6pm leg! The blazing sunshine added to the buzz and excitement of the day.

I found it incredibly exciting seeing all the athletes proudly share their achievements and selfies in their club vests. I know that many of us found ourselves constantly checking up on our social media to make sure we did not miss out on anyone’s posts! Sam and I were absolutely amazed with the number of athletes who were willing to take part and contribute to our overall totals! Many members stated that they appreciated taking part in a club challenge, during these unusually difficult times. We are all part of an incredible club, thriving with inspiring runners of all ages! I would like to thank everyone for their brilliant efforts. I look forward to the next challenge!

Results table and photos below!

Official' Start timeRunnerSunday start timeTotal run time (minutes)Distance (Miles)
Sue Powell7727.21
Mike P45340
Katie B8628
Clare P9736.2
Tom D9715.33
Gary G9715.33
10amLiza 736.6
Lucy Austin736.6
Lucy W637.2
Louise Reynolds665.9
Louise Reeves655.3
Scott H11646.3
Katie A129310
1:00 PMGrant17710
Greg Jones112914.29
2pmSteph Main01:53697.12
Mark Lamonby01:269114.2
3pmSam H2.54717.4
Bryan Markham605
David Blenkham02:54698
Carol Powell3615.7
Neil Powell3607
4pmScott J426.1
Rob W656.52
Steve P607.56
Sue W656.52
5pmJo T5617.43
Kelly B719
6pmSam J6608.82
Suzanne F605.3
Total runners 534330 minus (just over 72 hours!)448.6 miles

If you click on any on the three collages of photos they will open bigger. Hopefully I got everyone.


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