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Not really a race, and not really a race report but a few of us took part in a Mick Ligema memorial 5 mile run as the Lienthall Starkes race had to be cancelled due to the Covid 19 restrictions.

Well done to everyone who ran 5 miles in the last week.

As we all ran our own routes, this is not competetive, but a record for anyone who maybe wants to run the same route again and compare times. Everyone posted their routes and times on the croft facebook page if in the future anyone wants to do the same route. The photo above is Guys, as he is not on Strava.

Well done to the Austin and Preece families- I must admit I’m a little jealous you have someone to run with!

Fingers crossed we will all be training and racing again soon.

Keep safe everyone.

I will keep adding results as I see them, please email them to me or post on facebook.


Runner Time 
Lorraine Guest49.02
Carol Powell46.34
Louise Reeves47.51
Gemma Davies47.51
Toby Austin28.53
Kelly Bowen39.22
Liza Austin49.18
Nigel Mason37
Neil Taylor54.19
Samantha Harper42.2
Stacey Morgan32.53
Stuart Austin44.03
Clare Preece59.52
Jo Tilby45.34
Alice Gooding40.01
Guy Whitmarsh61
Sue Powell49.06
Sue Field58.37
Suzy Sidell57.26
Thea Preece48.37
Theresa Jones48.13
Scott Jones30.45
Roland Preece46.46
Martin Flowers 81.2113.6km
Robyn Gore46.23
Jo Marriot37.19
Simon Norwood53.06
Nigel Taylor41.55
Tim Jones40.13

A few pics of Mick to remember him by. Thanks Mike for the photos




2 thoughts on “Mick Ligema Memorial 5 mile

  1. I enjoyed the report very much and impelled by that, the memory of Mick and the fine weather I shall attempt to run 5 miles.

  2. That’s great news Peter! I have added a couple of names to the table since in was first published. Definitely not too late to run the 5 miles!

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